Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday and that means it's time to jump on Keely's bandwagon and random it up. 
  • We were putting a table up in the attic--getting it out of the way of the main living area--and while I was up there I was looking in some of the boxes and checking what we had up there.  I happened to look in a bin that was in the play area of the attic--half is play area and half is storage-- and I found a bin of 24 month/2T clothes that I couldn't find last winter when I was looking for a coat for Bruiser that Turbo had worn.  I found these clothes just in time.  If it had stayed in hiding for another six months, nothing would have fit.  As it stands Bruiser is set for the rest of the year.  The only thing he may need are shorts this summer.  I have no idea how that bin got stuck behind the couch we have up there but there it was.  The hand me down clothes are much more organized now.  (I can find all of them now;))
  • I found a site that was new to me last week.  It's called GeekMom.  Go check it out, I think it's an interesting take on being a mom.
  • I am a temporary single parent.  Nick left early this morning to head north.  Part of me is jealous--he's going to have way too much fun on this trip.  Part of me is happy to see him go so I can miss him.   A very large part of me will be happy to have him back.
  • Bruiser has a serious Pacifier habit.  I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to break him of it.  It's a great relationship they have going.
  • Nick is the master of finding the strangest movies.  Maybe he is just more adventurous in his movie watching than I am.   Nope.  He just watches weird stuff.
  • Turbo found a new book that he loves.  Ook and Gluk: Kung Fu Cavemen of the Future.  He has read a lot of it and really likes it.  I'm just happy he found  book that he likes.  A major achievement for a boy who is not that fond of reading.
  • I have really had to fight the urge to hibernate the last few days.  The cold weather just makes me want to stay home under the covers where it is warm.  Or in front of the wood stove.  With warm things to drink and soup, lots of soup.
Well, on that note, I'll say go see Keely for more Random,and have a good Tuesday!


  1. I have a friend who gives me hand me down clothes and she always gives them at the time I will need them. Always nice to get them right before I have to go out and buy them!

  2. I LOVE hand me downs.
    Believe it or not, instead of bins that say 18-24 months, I have bins that say 30- jeans, 31-32 shorts. Weird! My kids are old!

    Winter is FOR hibernation! Enjoy being the KING and the Queen of the castle this week!

  3. How unrandom is this? I'm parenting solo too? Hubbie is gone south. LOL
    Winter is awesome, really we're having an excellent year so far. I just have to find my skates for the outdoor rinks. The hills are all Slick and ready for sliding.
    YAY for the winter coat find! I lovefree (reusable) handmedowns.
    off to check Geekmom

  4. I was hibernating this morning. I was supposed to go to a meeting (not super important) and I just went back to bed instead.
    Just curious, have you read Ook and Gluk? I'm not going to give my opinion on it, just wanted to make sure you look through it too.
    Geekmom, I can relate to that.

  5. I did a similar thing with hand me downs just recently too! Except, I did NOT find them in time. Oh well...guess I'll pass them on to one of my siblings with smaller children.
    I wish I could say that that has inspired me to be more organized, but I'd be lying.
    I could never do the single mom thing. Even temporarily. Turns out, I'm a bit on the dependant side...

  6. Dontcha just love when you find clothes you've been searching for? It's like winning the laundry lottery!

  7. I am in the same boat with the pacifier with Layla. She just turned 3 and I still cant get her to leave it during nap and bed time

  8. Your guy and mine sound like remote masters..

    Ive been looking every where for a batch of clothes I had set aside for this baby girl and I cant find them, fun...

    Happy WW


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