Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bruiser at Two

Well on Saturday Bruiser turns two.  What a year it has been.
January Bruiser turned one.  February and March were consumed with learning to walk better.  April and May he discovered outside!  And had a crash that got him a glued together spot on his forehead.  His goofy side came out in June and July.  He got to go camping and found out he likes to ride four wheelers.  In August and September he learned to say more words and to love Scooby Doo or Bee Doo! as he calls him.  October and November Reece learned that Halloween results in candy and Thanksgiving means Mom and Dad are home.  And December brought Christmas and toys.  And more intelligible speech.
Bruiser has started talking lots more--making sentences and stuff.  He has also started the creative use of the words he knows.  He will take our hands and lead us to what he wants--all the while saying showme, showme.  If he's thirsty he wants a dink, but won't say he's thirsty.  He still loves his Be Doo(Scooby) and Bob!(Bob the Builder) and Shows!(Muppet Show) and Rock! (Fraggle Rock).  He will sometimes watch T Train(Thomas the Train) but hasn't really caught on to the train--yet.  Nemo comes out surprisingly clearly, but I still get thrown every time he asks for his vitamin--hard to get vitamin out of wyain.
He still eats in a hit or miss way--some of our food he loves, but if he doesn't like it he kindly spits it out and gives it back.  And there is no getting anymore into him when he decides he's done.
Bruiser is stubborn and determined.  When he takes off to go do something he tucks his arms into his sides and goes.  But he does have devilish side and the twinkle in his eye when he does something he's not really supposed to is hard to resist.
HE adores his big brother.  And Turbo thinks he is pretty cool too, as long as Bruiser leaves his Legos alone.
the bars that keep him out of trouble.

See me walkin'!

Vroom!  Let's go!

Camping is fun!

Oreos are yummy!

Just a swinging.

Stomping around in Dad's boots, backwards.

Yes getting into Dad's boots was his own idea.

My little charmer.

And so that is my growing boy.  Happy Birthday Bruiser, let's hope this next year is a good one.  Mom and Dad love you lots and are enjoying watching you grow up.


  1. He is just too adorable for words! What a smile!!

  2. Is he not the cutest thing? I want to kiss his cheeks right off his face! My fav pic is of him in Daddy's boots. Super cute! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. OMG I love those pictures in the boots. Kids grow entirely too fast. I wish they had a pause button.

  4. Happy Birthday Bruiser! Don't grow up too fast.

  5. Happy Birthday Bruiser! He is the cutest thing ever! Love the boots and his adorable smile all the time. What a happy baby!

  6. Happy Birthday Bruiser!! Love the pictures, what a charmer!

  7. Love it! It's like a best of recap of a show I've been watching for over a year! Happy birthday, Bruiser!

  8. What a handsome little man! Happy birthday to him!

  9. Happy Birthday to your little man. Could he be any cuter? I bet that sweet smile gets him out of quite a few jams. I loved the recap of his year! :)

  10. Oh he is so cute! Yes, I too am worried about Lego trouble we will have once Ryder is mobile. Hope he has a wonderful birthday

  11. LOVE the pictures. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    That smile...*swoon*


  12. I absolutely love his smile! I couldn't help but smile with him. Happy Birthday Bruiser!


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