Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Tuesday stuff

Raadom Tuesday, comes every week, a great way to share the random things that run through my head.
  • Has anyone seen Pajama Jeans?  Jeans that feel like pajamas?  Umm, jeans should feel like jeans and pajamas should be limited to the bedroom, the two should not meet, except in the closet.  Ohhh, maybe that's where these came from.  Some weird jean/pajama action going on in the dark.  Ewwww!
  • So I won the laundry battle this weekend.  The towels are in the dryer.  They may live there until I do the next load of laundry but I consider them done.  They aren't mocking me from the basket so I win.
  • Pyrex explodes when it hits the ground.  Sometimes they bounce.  Not last night.  Shatter all over the floor.  Fun to pick up.  We have a very clean floor right now.  At least where the dish broke.
  • Long weekends go by way too fast.
  • Nick's heel spur is killing him.  I think we are going to have to do something more...invasive to get it to feel better.  He goes to the doctor this week to see.
  • I've been having fun adventures in sleep lately.  Insomnia has reared it's ugly head.  I hate waking up in the middle of the night and just lying there knowing I need to go back to sleep and not being able to get there.  I can't even blame Bruiser--he's sleeping pretty good right now.  Even if he's getting his two year molars.  There's only so much Unisom you can take.
Well that covers my random for this week.  Go see Keely for more, she just getting over a head cold, but she's not contagious now, I think.


    1. My husband is obsessed with pajama jeans. He keeps telling me and the girls that we should buy some and we keep saying no. Sadly, I have a feeling they will be "Valentine" gifts this year, lol.

    2. I've never heard of pajama jeans. That would take all the fun out of getting undressed and putting your pajamas on at night, cuz you've already been wearing them all day. WTF?

      I hope Nick can figure out his heel spur soon. That sounds extremely painful.

      Long weekends go far too fast.

    3. I think we've reached the end of our fashion ideas; pajama jeans???

    4. As if jeans weren't comfy enough? People are weird.

    5. Pajama jeans should definitely be outlawed and so should laundry!!! Yes, everything should be disposable! You are ahead of me - laundry done AND a clean kitchen floor (partial counts).

      Nice randomness!

    6. I feel you on the sleep front. I am starting to feel that way about taking Tylenol PM so often, but I love sleep too much not to. I hope we both can sleep soon or find a better alternative!

    7. John thinks pajama jeans sound so cool. I think he has a fever.

    8. I saw a commercial for those jammie jeans & I thought Really? Really?? What in the heck are some people thinking?

    9. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog yesterday!! I Love Comments!! At times I tend to struggle with not being able to sleep too!! :]

    10. Your comment about pajama jeans made me laugh. Even so, I'm still fascinated by the idea of them. Not that I'd wear them in public, but it might be kind of nice to be able to answer the door to an unexpected morning visitor and not look like you just rolled out of bed. Even if you did.


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