Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well it's Tuesday.  Time to random up a post.  Grab the funky purple button and jump on the ride with Keely.  Here's what I have this week:
  • Has anyone seen the new stuffed steakhouse burger that Burger King has now?  The idea sounds almost good, but the burger itself looks not so good.  I think I really prefer my ingredients on top of my burger, not all mixed in.  Who knows, it might be good, but then again this is Burger King, so probably not.
  • Has anyone else noticed how much of a discount the car insurance companies are offering?  According to the most common ones, the discounts I should get for changing companies should almost result in them paying me to have their coverage.  Either the math is wrong, or there are people out there who are seriously over paying for car insurance.
  • What is it about this time of year?  Beaches start sounding really nice.  I like snow but I'm really having fond thoughts of warm sand and sun.  It won't happen this year but I have fond thoughts.
  • Wine is good.
  • Turbo is still trying to hack up his lungs.  He sounds so awful.  I'm really hoping he gets better soon.
  • Turbo has a winter program on Thursday.  I don't want him to miss it, but if he can't do anything without the hacking of the lungs, there is no point in going.  Poor kid.
  • Knocking on wood that what Turbo has does not knock the rest of us down.  So far, so good.
  • I joined Goodreads. I'm trying to motivate myself to read and trying to expand my reading horizons.  I'm going to try to read 26 new books this year.  Not a lot but I'm hoping I can do it.
And with that note, I'm off the see Keely.  Go join her party, she's celebrating Tuesday.


    1. At first, I thought that was a veggie burger b/c it had all the weird chunks but no. And ew. I'm on goodreads and love it! I'm Allstarme79 on there if you want to friend me, though my last oh, 30 books have all been romance/paranormal romances.

    2. I saw the commercial for the burger and it just grosses me out. But I'm also not a big fan of Burger King. And I'll have to check out goodreads.

    3. Oh, I'd give that stuffed burger a whirl. I'm willing to take the chance.

      Happy RTT!

    4. 26 is not a number to laugh at. It's still a lot! Feel better soon, Turbo!

    5. I was on vacation last week, and between the flight, and watching TV in the gym, I must have seen a million insurance commercials.. it was nuts!

    6. I agree with you, warm sand and sun is sounding pretty good about now! Hope your little Turbo gets better soon. Thanks for stopping by my place for a visit! Until next time, Kathy

    7. ugh, with the little people and the hacking. little o gets so red when he coughs he looks like he'll implode if he doesn't inhale soon!

    8. I wish someone would pay my insurance.. LOL. And poor Turbo...hacking of the lungs is not fun. Bless him and hugs to the little guy. Have a great Tuesday!

      PS Wouldn't touch one of those burgers. They look like vomit...or something...Yucky.

    9. No. No to Burger King. The burger can't possibly be good.

      Good for you for the reading challenge. I love to read!

      I hope Turbo gets better soon - real soon!

    10. I do love my snow but you are right, it's the beach dreaming that's starting to kick in just a bit. Must be time for a bit of February melting

    11. Looking at the peppers and corns, I have great fear for the aftermath of downing one of these 600 calorie delights. Glad I don't eat beef so I dont' even have to think about it.

    12. I make inside out burgers that are similar but I guarantee mine are way better than BK!

      Is it sad Ive already read 10 books this month alone?

    13. I haven't seen the ad for those burgers, but they sound pretty scary. Of course it could be that it's late and I'm not hungry. ;)

      Poor Turbo! Hope he feels better soon - and that you don't catch it!

      I forgot I'm on Goodreads - I'll have to log back on and participate. I used to read a book a week, but have been sadly lacking in the reading department lately. :)

      RTT: Head Colds and Renovations

    14. the stuffed burger at BK is awesome - yes, i confess, i cheated on my diet. but, its our secret right?

    15. Hmmm not so sure I'd like the inside out burger. Maybe cheese all melty inside but thats about it. I hear you on the coughing up a lung thing... I am doing the same. So annoying! Your Wine is good comment made me laugh. It is the simple things that really make life nice huh :)


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