Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekends are for....

What do you say about a weekend that was nothing special?  I did all those householdy things there is never time for during the week, things like dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, and even some baking.  But really the weekend was nothing exciting.
Nick and Turbo went swimming on Saturday while I stayed home and let Bruiser have a nap, than when they got home everyone was lazy and did nothing really.
I did get the tree undecorated, and Nick got the tree broken down and back in a box.  Now we just have to get the Christmas boxes back in the attic.  Baby steps, baby steps.
Sunday, I never went farther from the house than the garage.  I did laundry--Bruiser"s, baked pumpkin bread, did eleventy hundred dishes, and played some video games.  It snowed and got cold so staying in where it was warm was very appealing.  It's still colder than snot outside.  Below zero cold.  This is our second bout with the arctic air and really, I could do without it.

Nick leaves for three days in the field tomorrow.  Poor guy, he has to snowmobile to the top of a mountian to get rock samples.  Must be tough. (He is going to freeze his butt off in the process, but I think the fun factor will more than make up for it.)  Turbo would love to go with him, but with school and the fact that this trip is for work, he gets to stay home and keep mom and Bruiser company instead.
So that was our less than exciting weekend.  Sometimes you just need the chance to decompress.  Although I will say the the weekend went by way too fast.
Now for the weekly cuteness factor:
He is almost two, wow, where is my baby going?

Yes they are in fact sitting on Nick.


  1. Cute pictures! And I agree. Some weekends are just meant for decompressing.

  2. I love lazy weekends. And pumpkin bread is the perfect way to celebrate it!

  3. I wish we had a nice indoor pool here in town. I think there is one but I never hear of anyone going. :(

  4. Very cute kids. Try to stay warm.

  5. I would say it was a nice lazy weekend but not really lazy at all when you consider the chores!


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