Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RTT: New Year, Same Old Thoughts

The first Tuesday of the year is upon us.  I feel like it ran me over.  Anyway time for Random Tuesday Thoughts.  And here we go:
  • After a vacation, getting back into a routine can be kind of comforting.  Painful, but comforting.  I'm so not a fan of early mornings.  BUt later mornings lead to later nights and those are no fun with kids.
  • This fall we got a programmable thermostat for the furnace.  The stupid thing turned on this morning at 3:30am to start warming our house up.  we have it set to raise the temp at 6:00am.  Two and a half hours to warm the house up five degrees.  I'm not a fan of it it the moment.  Because the stupid thing woke me up and I didn't really get back to sleep.  Therefore I am very tired right now.
  • Turbo got the Lego game Creationary.  Kind of like pictionary with Legos.  It's fun but some of the things they have you build are crazy--like a fruit stand, basket shaped and with fruit on top.  We have modified the game so you can answer yes no questions while you are building.  Otherwise some of those things would never be guessed.  But it is fun and you do have to stretch you brain to create and that always a good thing.
  • Bruiser has become a parrot.  We really have to watch what we say now.  Of course he still can't say fork clearly.  Turbo giggles every time Bruiser demands a fork.  I sort of snicker too.
  • My back is feeling better.  Nana is improving in the hospital.  Nick's heel is showing signs of improvement too--although it's slow going.  Now that we have had our three for this year the rest of it should be great--right?
  • Now the focus turns to the end of the month and Bruiser's birthday.  What exactly do you get a two year old who just got spoiled by Christmas?  We are thinking about a balance bike.  For indoor and outdoor use.  Otherwise we got nothing.
Now head on over to see Keely--she' trying to come up with efficient travel plans in case the Zombie's come while she is out of town.  I wish her luck.  Now go forth and be random.


  1. Birthdays near the holidays are so hard. My oldest's is right before Christmas and it leaves us struggling for what to get him.

  2. Poor, poor Bruiser - with a birthday right after the holidays. Have a destinaton birthday! Maybe Bruiser wants to go on a cruise. Okay, maybe it's just me.

    Glad Nana is improving!!!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Glad to hear that Nana and everyone else is on the mend. birthdays close to a gift giving holiday is awful. I have no clue what to get him but since it is winter I'd suggest a quiet toy.

  4. I've had a programmable thermostat for about 10 years. Still haven't figured it out....

  5. This time thing back to early mornings is getting me too..


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