Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Randomy Random

Tuesday, yep.
Button, yep
Random, up next.
So here goes:
  • Shopping with friends is way more fun than shopping alone.  Even if it's thrift store shopping.
  • It is cold here.  Damn cold.  Like -23F.  Damn cold.
  • We are staying home--cars were not liking the cold weather.
  • However, the schools and the university are both in session today.  Denver closed their schools, government, and lots of other things due to the cold, and they are only -11F.  I guess we aren't as wimpy as they are.  
  • You know there are just times when I am watching Bob the Builder and I wish Wendy and Bob would just get it on and get it over with.  Yes, I have watched those shows way too many times.
  • Two years olds sure know how to bring the drama.  Bruiser dissolves into tears at the slightest no.  Great fun.
  • And with that, I don't think I have anymore random--it's just too cold to think.
Go see Keely, she's got more Blissdom Random.  Lots jealous here--I had to stay home with sick people instead of spending time with other fabulous bloggers.


  1. would love to hit the thrift stores with you. I am home sick on the couch - day 2...not my idea of fun. It's 40 here, with chances of snow this evening.

  2. Dude, that IS cold. Bundle up!

  3. shopping with friends is definitely more fun!

  4. I feel the same way about Handy Manny and Kelly. And we can always turn what they say into something dirty!

    And oh my gosh that's cold. Stay warm and snuggled in!

  5. It IS too cold to leave the house...although I think I would skip watching Bob the Builder! ;) Enjoy your "day off."

  6. Sigh. My four year old melts down at the slightest no. Do thermometers even go that low?

  7. Just wait until 8 - the tears are exponentially worse. ;)

    Stay warm! :)

    RTT: Snow, Ice, Dinos, Snuggie Envy

  8. My youngest just turned 10 and STILL knows how to bring the drama. I doubt she'll ever stop.
    I'm sending you warm thoughts.

  9. ah the drama of a two year old, they are most def professionals!

  10. Wow yeah 2 year olds! How do they manage to stay so dramatic all the time!!!

  11. Wow, that's cold! We're supposed to get below zero soon, if we haven't already hit it yet, but I don't know how far below that we're going.

    My youngest Midget dissolved into tears with the slightest provocation until she was 13. She finally outgrew it a couple years ago. Thank Goddess.

  12. DANG! I thought our 27 degrees this morning were cold. Stupid weather, sure wish Spring would just come already!
    You had me laughing hysterically out loud at the Bob & Wendy comment!!!
    Aliya (17 mos) drops to the floor every time I say no. Little stinker!


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