Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

So time to random again.  Join Keely and get your random on!
Thoughts for this week:
  • Why do appliances break on the weekend?  Our dryer has decided that actually getting hot is not necessary.  Makes it hard to dry clothes, but hey it still tumbles just fine.  Sigh.  Now we get a replacement, but it won't match the new washer (when the time comes to replace that.  And it's coming.)
  • We got some great pictures of the boys yesterday.  When I get the CD, I'll share.
  • I'm not sure why I want the washer and dryer to match--no one really sees them but us.  I mean it's not like you show off the washer and dryer.  A new refrigerator, sure, new stove sure, but not the washer and dryer.  Still some part of me wants them to match.
  • Anybody got any good ideas for how to get rid of back acne?  My back thinks it's 15 all over again.
  • Bruiser has fallen in love with the Backyardigans.  he calls them the Back Yards.  And he loves them.  There are worse things he could like *cough*Barney*cough*.
  • I'm going shopping with some friends this weekend.  I'm so looking forward to it.
  • What is it with M&Ms and little boys?  Bruiser is addicted.  Things can get ugly when he doesn't get his fix.  Collapse and cry on the floor ugly.  And he's only two.  We are in trouble.
  • We got new tires on the car last Friday.  Yes we lead an exciting life--don't you want to be us?  On a happier note--I like the car a bit better now.
Now go forth and be random--and visit Keely--she's in computer exile right now, but she has other lovely people visiting that you can go see too.


    1. I remember Barney. Unfortunately. When my kids were young that's all they would watch. Many a mornings it nearly drove me to suicide.

      I'm jealous of your new tires. My car needs new tires. When I tell that to my bank account it just laughs at me.

    2. Oh my gosh my back and chest have decided they are 15 again as welL! If you get good advice let me know on how to get rid of it!

      And Leo loved the Backyardigans when he was younger and then just stopped. I loved the music and was sad when he liked other, less fun cartoons to watch.

    3. Appliances break on the weekend for the same reason kids get sick on weekends. :)

    4. We didn't get a matching washer and dryer when we replaced them a couple years ago, instead opting for Consumer Reports highly rated models of each...it totally confused the sales guy. We had to sign a couple extra forms verifying that we didn't want the matching set.

      And I hear you about the M&M addictions. We have to be careful about mentioning them by name, even. We call them 2000s if necessary when young ears are near to avoid any Pavlovian effects.

    5. I like my washer & dryer to match too....

    6. I like my appliances to match too. Hubby doesn't get it. Mind you he doesn't touch the damn things either. Haha.

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news but back acne will get worse once you hit mental pause. trust me on this. Sometimes being a girl blows...

    7. There are many other shows to hate. Haha. The "Back Yards" are all right. ;)

      I don't know why the washer and dryer have to match either. But I get it.

      And yeah, crap always waits til the weekend to break!

    8. Wow...new tires AND a new dryer! You really know how to shop for fun things! ANYTHING is better than Barney!

    9. Princess Nagger loved Backyardigans - I was so glad they replaced Barney, too. ;)

      We had to replace our washer - now the dryer doesn't match. I keep willing it to die, but it keeps going strong.

      I think Murphy's Law dictates that weekends are best for things going wrong. ;)

      Mother Nature, Annoying Neighbors, Dino Fun - RTT

    10. Of course washer/dryers should match, they should only be sold in pairs. ;)

      I get sporadic break-outs during the month and it makes me so angry to have to deal with puberty pimples this late in life.

    11. The Backyardigans is about the only show I can watch without looking longingly towards the clock for bedtime. :-)

    12. Yes Backyardigans is definitely one of the lesser evil of kid shows.

      Yes, still get pimples too, darn things.

      Great post

    13. I have to confess, it's not just little boys who collapse on the floor and cry when they don't get their fix of M&Ms...I'm not saying I do this, but then again, I'm not saying I don't.

    14. When you condition your hair, when do you wash it out? Do you wash the conditioner out after you wash your body? If so, try washing out the conditioner, and then cleaning with soap. The oil from the conditioner could be clogging your pores.

    15. Ugghhh with the appliances! Isn't that always the case. Our furnace went out last year during the coldest days of the year & of course it was on a Saturday. Stupid things! Oh & our dryer has decided to start making a noise... I'm ignoring it right now because ehhhh it's still doing the job.

      Can't wait to see pics of the boys!!!

      My girls are LOVING Bubble Guppies lately. I am digging it too since the songs are MUCH better then ohhh say... DORA. lol

    16. My Kiddo really likes the Backyardigans. I agree there are far worse things he could like! I think they're sort of cute too. But I like the Imagination Movers the best (and Veggie Tales) Hehe.

      M&M's are dangerous for my Kiddo! Give him just a few and he's bouncing off the walls for the rest of the day! No joke! We keep an eye on the M&M intake around here. lol. Other candy is fine. Its just the M&M's that are dangerous.

      Happy Random Tuesday! :)


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