Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Fish

We had a pretty good weekend.  Turbo played lots of vidoe games, Bruiser played with his toys, I won the war with the laundry (Nick helped--thanks hon!) and we got to celebrate a friends birthday with a meal out. 
But as far as the boys are concerned the best part of the weekend was getting new fish for the aquarium. 

These were the Valentine gift to them from us.  We went to the store and picked out ten new fish.
Five of these...
and five of these.
Bruiser is so proud of the fishes

Turbo likes to feed the fish.  He's pretty jazzed about the new fish, too.
So, Happy Valentines Day to all.  We are celebrating the new acquisitions by having seafood tonight at home with the boys.  How are you spending the most "romantic" day of the year?


  1. i about choked after reading what dinner is going to be tonight! :D

  2. I remember having an aquarium, it was so fun! Too much upkeep for me though so we got rid of it. Love your new fish! Happy Valentine's and enjoy that seafood!

  3. We'll be celebrating V Day with paint. Painting together at least. I'm sure I'll steal a few kisses over the baseboards. :-)

  4. Awww, how cute! The boys, not so much the fish, although they're pretty. :)
    I just read your comment on CA girl's got the boys fish and you are having seafood for dinner. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Just don't let the fish see you eat! haha. I am making chicken and rice for the fam. It is the first meal I ever cooked for hubby. That's about as romantical as it gets.

  6. My kiddos love our fishes, too. I could definitely live without them!!! Hope you enjoyed your seafood :)

  7. I love that you had seafood for dinner... ha ha ha!!!

    I loved having a fish tank. I haven't had one in sooo long. You should get a placostomus... I totally botched the spelling though. It is one of those sucky fish... they suck to the glass & keep it clean.

  8. I really think it's hilarious that you bought fish, and then you proceeded to EAT fish.
    Am I the ony one who thinks that awesome???


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