Thursday, February 10, 2011


Why is it that zits get lonely?  They can't come by themselves, they always bring their friends along.

Why is it that 2:30 am wants my company?  I always wake up about then.  I would rather sleep.

Why is it I can do all the dishes and then find three more I need to do?

Why is it Legos multiply in the dark?

Why is it the question of what to make for dinner can be so difficult to answer?

Why is it that small boys get more energy when you say it's time for bed?

Why is it that one night out with the girls can recharge my batteries so well?

Why am I asking why when I know that why questions will soon be tumbling from Bruiser's lips all the time?


Mama Badger said...

The answer to all is "because you're the Mommy". Dirty dishes and Legos don't bother Daddy. It's just the way it is. ;)

Raven said...

LOL those are some great 'why' questions! Especially the first two.

Heather said...

Your just getting yourself ready for all the "Why?" questions.

It's can't just have one zit!

Myya said...

ha ha ha I loved that last why. Sooo true with little ones, SOOOO TRUE!

Sami said...

I got one more for ya!

Why is it that kids are so exhausted, and are begging to go back to bed, until you announce that school is closed for the day?

Suddenly, bed is the furthest thing from anyone's mind!


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