Monday, February 7, 2011

And then it happened

For the most part our weekend was normal.  We had snow off and on, we had cold temperatures, but nothing like last week.  I went grocery shopping.  We hung around indoors and were relatively lazy.  All was going well.

I had a friend over for the Superbowl game.  She is a Packers fan.  We are sort of Steelers fans.  We had fun sparring back and forth about who would win.  No bets were placed.  We had fun eating, hanging out in the family room in the basement, laughing at the commercials that were good and wondering about the commercials that weren't.  The boys were up and down the stairs a lot.  They were coming and visiting us and then going and playing in Turbo's room, which is up stairs.  Bruiser has gotten good and going down the stairs express, as we call it--on his stomach sliding down.  However he really wants to walk down the stairs like we do.

What happened last night was bound to happen.  At one point Bruiser and Turbo were coming back down stairs and Bruiser slipped and tumbled down about 10 steps.  We watched him tumble down the last four.  He's fine, nothing broken, just maybe bruised a bit.  It scared him more than anything else.  Scared the living snot out of both Nick and I.

But really, by the time Turbo was this age, he had already fallen down the steps twice--only about three or four steps, but still.  Bruiser hadn't yet.  Now he has.  I guess it's a rite of passage?  But oh so scary.  Thank goodness those stairs are carpeted in thick carpet.

And then to top it all off, the Steelers lost.  Not that I'm all that disappointed.  We have good friends who are Packers fans--they come from Wisconsin.  So congrats to the Packers.  Guess I need a Packers t-shirt now. 

So, how was your weekend?  Did you have fun watching the Superbowl?  Or did you avoid the whole mess and do something else entirely?


  1. Oh, wow...I'm glad he's ok! Personally, I wasn't really caring who won the game last since my Colts weren't in it :-) More for the commercials than anything...ha

  2. Oh, poor Bruiser, glad he came out ok though. I watched half the game then got uber tired and had to go leave my parents before I was too tired to drive. I'm really bummed about missing the last half of the game, but thrilled the Packers won.

  3. Glad your son is okay! I watched the Superbowl on mute, only turning on the sound for commercials. The rest of the time I read a book and tried to ignore my boys bouncing and throwing a ball in the other room!

  4. I'm going with it's a rite of passage- b/c then I can feel better that mine have fallen, too!

  5. Glad he's OK! Yikes! No game here. Just snowed and the Bug and I watched Secretariat.

  6. All those little scares take years off, I swear. Little o took a header off the back of the couch onto the hardwood on Saturday. I think my SIL lost an entire decade of her life watching him.

  7. I fell down a flight of stairs for the first time when I was nineteen. It was scary even then!
    Glad he's okay.
    Sprite and I were on our own for the Bowl. I sent John to his friend's house to male it up.

  8. That brought back memories of when my boys were small: holding our breath until we were sure they were okay.

  9. It was such a good game too! I like nailbiter games like that!
    I think falling down the stairs is definitely a right of passage. Every one of my kids have done it, and it doesn't take them long to learn how NOT to do it again.
    Glad he's alright!

  10. Oh my goodness that would have scared the crap outta me too! Soooo glad he is ok.
    I didn't really care who won this year. I DVR'd it & pretty much got score updates & watched the commercials. I like the Dorito one where the guy sucked on that other guys finger. Totally random right!


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