Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday--Thinking thoughts...

...but not thinking too hard.  Go see Keely for more random.
And the thoughts this week are:

  • We had a delicious seafood dinner last night--in front of the new fish we got for the boys.  I'm almost positive they didn't notice.
  • I found a recipe for a cornmeal cheddar drop biscuit.  Add a bit of garlic and some dried parsley and they taste an awful lot like the biscuits at a very well known seafood restaurant. They are yummy.
  • The cabin fever is rampant in our house.  We all want to get out.  However the usual means of escape for us won't be available until at least April, maybe May.  I so want to got find a new dirt road to bumble down in the truck or on the four wheeler.  Driving past the city limit sign is such a stress reliever.
  • Currently there are no clothes or towels in the washer or dryer.  This is momentous.  I got everything done.  Folded and put away.  Nick helped sorting and keeping the dryer going, but I got it all folded and put away--even the towels.  Nyah-nyah I win.  I beat the laundry--for at least the next two weeks.
  • I'm not going to mention the dishes.
  • Or the fact that the living room needs vacuuming.
  • But I did get the toilet cleaned--the one Turbo uses most.  
  • I was able to go visit the used book store this weekend.  I got some new mysteries to read.  Sadly no romance, because they don't deal with romance at this store.  They have romances--but they stick them in regular fiction, sci/fi fantasy or mystery.  Romances are just not a section of their own.  They come off as a bit snobby about romances.  Maybe it's just me. 
  • The more I think about it the more I want a Kindle.
  • I love using Stumbleupon--thanks to Michele for showing me that one.
And that covers the random around here.  Go see other people's random, it's good clean fun.


    1. Snobby about romance sounds funny. I can't figure out why they'd be that way. And congrats on the laundry. I have a load of towels in the dryer I can't seem to put away. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. Happy Tuesday!

    2. Cabin fever is rampant in our house also. But we are supposed to get some warmer temps this week so if the ground dries out Leo might get to play outside. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    3. I hate seafood, but mainly cuz I'm allergic and it could kill me.

      I am so impressed that you have finished all the laundry. Mine is still...well...let us not speak of it.

      I did do most of the dishes today, but I had no choice, cuz like I mentioned on my blog, they were plotting my death.

      The used bookstore totally rocks.

      I just joined stumbleupon, it's pretty cool.

    4. Um, biscuits. I only go to Red Lobster for the darn biscuits. Cough up the recipe, please?

      I need to check out Stumbleupon. I keep hearing about it.

      Happy RTT!

    5. The Laundry Monster Mountain seems to never dwindle. I try to get my daughter to wear the same outfit all day, but it's really hard. Especially when today started at 40 degrees and this afternoon is 72 degrees. Yay for the accomplishment though.
      Do you use StumbleUpon like Google? Or just for books?

    6. I love that you ate fish in front of the new pet fish - I would've (and have) done the same thing... ;)

      Yay for conquering the laundry monster! Wanna come help me with mine? ;)

      I love my Kindle - you should totally get one, you'd have romance novels literally at your fingertips. ;)

      RTT: Valentine, Dino Claw, Improvements

    7. I envy your empty washer and dryer! I have a massive pile of clothes staring at me, and I just can't bring myself to do anything with it. Alas, if I don't, Jude will have no clean underwear, so I'd better do something. Those biscuits sound outrageous!

    8. You DO win! How did you get the laundry completely done? My household has shrunk but I still can't do it. No fair!

      The biscuits sounds pretty yummy!
      Happy RTT!

    9. Maybe I'm dense, but what is "stumbleupon"??? I wanna be in the know too!

      Kudos on your victory over laundry! I have stuff in the dryer right this minute. I have no intention of changing it's location before I go to bed.

      Those biscuits sound amazing! I've never had them, but I would love to try them. Could you direct me to the recipe? Or, if you're feeling REALLY generous, you can just give me the recipe.

      I'd owe you...:)

    10. Mmm I love those biscuits. Uggghhh the laundry, dishes, toilets... it never ever ends does it! I was complaining about it all this morning.
      Stumpleupon??? I'm curious too???


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