Thursday, June 17, 2010

Writer's Workshop--Lack of Talent

Mama's Losin' It

“How long until you realized you had no talent or patience for this? Tell the story (true or fiction) of trying to learn a new talent or hobby that you only pursued briefly.”

My mother is very crafty.  She can do anything with a needle and thread.  Me, not so much.  I have tried crocheting, knitting, sewing and beading--none of which have held my interest.  I know the basics but have never tried to pursue any of them.
My first foray into knitting was for 4H when I was maybe 12.  I had high hopes--I got to be with friends and make something cool. I chose my yarn, got needles from my mom and excitedly went to the first class.  Things did not go smoothly.  I had trouble casting on, changing rows, and not dropping stitches.  I barely finished a dish cloth.  It wasn't so cool.  I lasted the six week course and never touched a pair of knitting needles again.  I think I ultimately dropped out of 4H, I just wasn't the type. 

Next I tried crochet--I did a bit better but never finished a row of squares for an afghan.  I just lost interest and motivation (besides my mom was much better at it than I was).
In seventh grade we had Home Ec.  Half was cooking and half was sewing.   The cooking I did pretty well at, the sewing on the other hand was much worse.  The pants I tried to make came out all twisted and never looked like a real person was supposed to actually wear them.

All I remember from that class was how to properly sew on a button.  Sewing is still not my strong suit.  Nick does a better job than I do.  The only saving grace I have is that my mom sews like a dream--she has come to my rescue at Halloween more than once.

Are we seeing a pattern here?

I have learned that my hands were not meant to do that crafty stuff that involves thread or string.  My talents lie in the design area--like scrapbooks and photography.  I'm good at composition and colors, not pins and needles.  I say go with what works.

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  1. Life would be dull if we were all good at the same thing! You photos are pretty awesome and I know you scrapbook better than me!

  2. I wish I were crafty and could do things like that. For a while, I did cross-stitch. Yes, like I was an old lady. Back in my early 20s.

  3. I can sew either...or anything that resembles sewing. A button is about all I can do

  4. I'm not at all crafty either. And contribute it to my lack of patience. I wish I could sew just to make little cute dresses for my twins. Sigh....

  5. We could be twins in this area! My mom was good at all things *needle* and I just ... wasn't! At all! Ever! :)

    Great post!

  6. I'm not good with needle and thread either. I don't have enough patience! We had to take a semester of home ec in middle school and I remember making some stuffed dinosaur pillow or something and mine looked all jacked up! :)

  7. This cracked me right up! I SUCK at sewing and my mom is the sew master! Now I can embroider just as well as my mom, but sew? Like pants? HAHAHAHA Not gonna happen! And mom lives close by Thank God!

  8. I got so frustrated with Sewing in Jr. High, that my Dad took over my Pattern for my Grade 8 end of year Dance outfit. He did it. I think Mom was just too frustrated to listen to me and it seemed everything Dad did was great! So she used this in her favour. It was a pink skirt and top with white palm trees on it. I wore it a lot, because Dad made it. I just didn't have the patience to complete it myself.


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