Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Tuesday--It's Summer here--Finally


Kay, it's summer and finally warm here.  Of course the mosquitoes have come to visit too.   Beoytches.  Blood sucking beoytches.  Everyone here is sporting eau de bug spray.  It's a wonderful odor.  The stupid bugs love Turbo and I.  Bruiser has gotten bitten a couple of times but it does not seem to bother him.  Turbo still swells up and gets awfully itchy.  I do too.  It sucks.

We are looking forward to camping for the Fourth.  It's gonna be great.  We get to see good friends and spend time outside.  We are packing lots of bug spray and sunscreen.  However, one of the people we are going with has decided that we should all eat the same things at the same time--but cook for ourselves.  Not sure why they have decided this is the way to go--we may be rebels and eat what we want when we want--nanner nanner.

Our new water heater rocks.  We got a bigger one and we have so much hot water now.  That extra 10 gallons makes a difference.  The new fridge is pretty awesome too.  It has LED lights inside and they come on sort of gradually when you open the door--kind of like the fridge is saying Ta-da here I am in all my chilly glory.  I always feel like a choir should be singing when I open it.

I hate the dishes.  And the laundry, but right now the laundry is done but the dishes keep showing up.  Stupid dishes.

Now go check out Keely.  She has this random thing going.  Have a great Tuesday, cause you know it's not Monday anymore.


  1. When we are outside for a campfire everyone wants to sit next to me cuz the mosquitoes chew me up and leave them alone!

    I hate dishes. They reproduce when you're not looking, I swear.

  2. The thing about cleaning dishes is it's so freaking unsatisfying. The second you wash something, it gets used again, like you never cleaned it. And there the mess sits once again. It's the same with laundry but you can just shove that under a bed for a while, out of sight, out of mind! Not that I do that, of course. I'm just sayin'...

    Happy RTT!

  3. Bugs are terrified of me. Between the beers I drink on weekends and the pills I take for my menopause/bipolar disorder, they die on contact. :)

  4. The sink is always full of dishes. And it's our 14-yr-old's job to empty the dishwasher of clean dishes. So I have to nag, and wait, and nag before I can put the dirty ones in. But I'm not doing his job for him. I'm not.
    And laundry is never done. I mean, I'm always doing it. But it's never done.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. One of the best things about Los Angeles is a lack of mosquitoes. Every time I head down to Texas in the summer for a visit, I get eaten alive. Hate them!

    That new fridge sounds delightful! I'm jealous.

    I read something the other day that you might find heartening re: dishes. Apparently, nowadays there's no reason to rinse dishes before putting them in the washer. We're all making a big mistake to rinse everything first. New dishwashers are designed to clean plates with major stuff stuck to them. They say all you need to do is scrape the food into the trash, then stick the dishes in, and you're good to go. It should save a lot of time and water!

  6. New water heaters rock, we got one a year ago, hello lover, warm water!

  7. we need to be better about our bug spray - I've been hit and miss about applying it.

    and yay for a new fridge. ours is tiny and awful

  8. Isn't it amazing to feel like you have hot water to spare? I was in the same place last summer, and the new water heater was like a gift from God. No more taking luke warm showers so that PB would get a luke warm shower. Sigh.

    And dishes? Conspire with the laundry to make sure at least one take remains unfinished. Bastards.

  9. We're not hard up on water heaters, but our filtered water osmosis ketosis shambosis reservoir is not working so we either need to learn how to fix it or buy bottled water. John is learning how to fix it. :-)

  10. Its been summer here weather wise for a looooong time! Im roasting!

  11. It is weird but I do not mind laundry at all. Maybe because my boys are big enough to put it away asap. But I hate dishes too. Thank goodness they are big enough now to unload. When I ask them.

    Speaking of weird, those other campers.....freaky weird. We once (before kids) camped with a bunch of other couples and we were each given a mealtime such as "Saturday's Lunch". That was OK I guess--because there were no kids. I'm really intrigued by these campers you speak of.

  12. We have had a few really nice days as well... Yay, I am LOVING it!!! Isn't it so fun getting new appliances, they are like toys for adults :)

  13. Ugh, I hate mosquitos too! My least favorite part of summer for sure...

  14. Yuck, hate mosquitoes and we're usually getting eaten alive by now but for some reason, not yet.

    I can believe the water heater would make a huge diff. Our kids are little yet but when they grow into shower hogs, we may need an upgrade too.

    Now go do the dishes. ;)


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