Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I meant to say


OK, so it's time to do the What I Meant to Say with Angel and Brittany.  You know, the time you held your tongue but really should have said something else?  Well now you can say what you really meant.  Here are mine:

To the mosquitoes:  What I said:  Stupid biting bugs, I need more spray.
What I Meant to say:  Really, biting through my jeans?!  Jeez, if your that desperate find an easier meal, or do I just taste that good?

To My Back:  Please start feeling better.
What I should have said:  Get over your self already.  I'm not sure what I did to piss you off but be sure I'm getting pissed right back at you.  Get better already!

To my Mom:  When she told me why she was dropping her extra fruit on us:  Thanks.
What I should have said:  Thanks, but there was way to much info in your explanation.  I don't care if you have eaten too much fruit recently and I don't care what it has done to your digestive system.  Yuck--just yuck!

To Nick:  Last night when he asked if I wanted to eat outside:  Sure, I guess so.
What I meant to say:  Umm, not really, bug spray and dinner don't mesh well, and if I don't use the spray the mosquito beyotches will drink me dry.

Ok, go get What you meant to say off your chest and link up with Angel and Brittany.


  1. lmbo @ your mom. What is it about our parents that they feel we need to know their bathroom habits?? My mom does that to me all the time.I am like Mom seriously I don't need to know really..
    I also am a great buffet for bugs.

  2. lol your mom too funny.. damn those are some vicious mosquitos!!

  3. TeeHee @ your Mom!!!

  4. do you think that this might be your mom's playback for your diapers?

  5. too funny about your mom and the fruit!

  6. Mothers certainly LOVE to share - don't they?

  7. oh my god, my mom does the same thing talking about her digestive system. That and female problems...TMI, Mom, TMI...

  8. sounds like u need a TX mossquito trap Ill see bout finding you one ASAP!

  9. here ya go for only @2.95 you can have your own mosquito trap! Texas sized one to boot! have fun heres the link

  10. Luckily we don't have a ton of mosquitos, well until you head a little closer to water that is. Hope you get a good remedy quick, I like having you around, we don't need them sucking you dry!

  11. Here's one for ya

    To my Husband: Awww, are you feeling any better this morning Honey?

    What I meant: You'd better not string this "I'm sick" thing out much longer because you're a bigger baby than the kids! Suck it up Princess!

  12. Dude, you're still scratching from those mosquito's? You need to put out some tiki torches, and get one of those bug repellant fans or something!

  13. I have the same issue with mosquitoes biting me through my jeans! Renegades - and annoying! :)

  14. Ugh, those mosquitoes are getting worse and worse! Have you tried cutting some lemons and keeping them nearby? The smell supposedly keeps them away.

  15. Love the fruit thing.
    What is it about Moms wanting to keep you regular?
    It's my butt and poo, thank you. I don't wanna talk about it.

    Nice WIMTSW.
    Thanks for playing!

  16. Sadly i am like your mom and often say things in the TMI category lol


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