Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random Tuesday--Why us?

So, it's Tuesday again, funny how it happens every week after Monday.  Anyway go link up with Keely and share your random.
Last Thursday, my back was a bit sore when I got up but I thought it would go away(I maybe was a bit enthusiastic playing the Wii the night before).  Then I dropped the checkbook and bent down to pick it up. My back decided it did not want to do that and it has let me know in no uncertain terms that it hates me.  Right now I hate it too.  I have been flat on my back most of the weekend--it hurts to sit down and turning over in bed is a new adventure in pain.  It's been a fun weekend.

We got the hand-me down wall tent set up and all the poles replaced this weekend and Turbo slept outside all night Sunday night.  The tent is pretty nice and Nick is looking forward to using is for hunting season this fall.  Turbo thought it was cool for the night.  He spent yesterday afternoon on the back deck playing in a large box.  What little kid doesn't like playing in boxes?

The reason we had a box was because Sunday night our water heater became a waterfall.  Water was dripping from the top of the heater.  That is a place where you should never hear splashing water.  So instead of a fun trip to the mountains to see the sights we replaced our water heater.  Thank God Nick is handy enough to do it himself (his dad came and helped but still).  While we had to buy a new water heater at least we didn't have to pay a plumber to come install it for us.

So we are hoping the bad luck will go visit Timbuktu, cause it has out stayed it's nonexistent welcome here.  First Turbo's teeth, then Bruiser's head, then Nick's ankle, then my back, then the water heater.  We're done now, thanks.

On a brighter note, the weather was beatiful this weekend.  Which in itself is odd, usually we have rain or some pretty good thunderstorms for the holiday.  This one was nice.  We got to spend some time outside--me not so much because it is hard to contain Bruiser when you can't run.  The kid has radar for the street and will beeline at every opportunity.  But he loves to be outside and will go get his shoes and then stand at the door waiting to go to out and yelling about it until he is outside.

Does anyone else like Good Eats?  It's so much fun but kind of snobby too.  I like some of the recipes he makes, but some stuff he does just looks like too much work for something simple.  I like watching it though.  I really want his new cookbook The Early Years.  It about his shows, the early ones (obviously).  I keep hoping for it for those special occasions, but no luck so far.

Well that should just about cover my random for this week.  Go see Keely--now, go!


  1. Wow, you do need a break.

    Feel better!

  2. Wow I hope your luck turns around soon!!

    I love good eats! I dont know he kinda reminds me of a cooking Mr Wizard or Bill Nye... maybe thats why I like him so much?

  3. I hope your back feels better soon - back problems are the worst.

    I laughed about Turbo loving the box. You are so right - all kids love boxes.

  4. No childhood was ever complete without a bibox and all imagination made it be. Go, Turbo!

  5. OUch. You guys have had a bad run, huh? Glad to hear that you have a new water heater, though. You live in t he US, right? Show me the tax deduction.

    Have a better week!

  6. I like how Alton Brown gives scientific explanations to how things cook. It appeals to my geeky side.

    Hoping that your back doesn't complain much more.

    Thanks for the randomness,

  7. Oh a tent already? Excellent. We haven't tried to put any up yet, of course it's Pouring bucket and buckets, probably like your water heater was? I'm glad you got it all fixed up and noticed the water before it got worse. See there was good luck in there, people to do the work, and less mess to clean up! :)

  8. You find Alton Brown snobby? I find him snarky. He's a hottie in my book. :-)
    (I have a huge thing for geeks, be it my computer geek or a foodie geek like Alton.)
    I will be looking for that book!

  9. Sorry about your back, your water heater and everything else. I hope bad luck really does take a trip to Timbuktu and that you have many happy days ahead.

  10. Sorry about your back! We did the whole water heater thing a couple months ago. Ours turned out to just be an element but when we went to go get it, they didn't carry it in stock. Had to order it... we didn't have hot water for 7 days... Thank God my sister lives 2 blocks away & didn't mind us showering there!


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