Monday, June 21, 2010

Spin-That's My (Kid's) Daddy!

small cycle

My husband is the greatest guy.  But when we met he was not really excited about having kids.  I couldn't get him to even say the word, he stuttered on the word marriage too.  So we took thing slowly and worked our way around to the point that he could say married with out choking on the words. 

Once we were married, the next step and the question everyone asked was when are you having kids?  When we were ready was the general response.  However I told Nick that I wanted to have our first before I was 30.  The dead line was sneaking up on us quickly.  Nick was finishing up his second bachelor's degree and just had Field camp left to finish.  I told him that when he finished we were going to start trying.  It took us about three months to succeed at the baby olympics.

Nick was excited but a bit weirded out by the pregnancy--the movement was a bit to alienesque for his comfort (feeling it move was OK, but seeing it...).  When Turbo arrived Nick fell in love.  We both did, but Nick made a very proud daddy.

We had a bumpy road to getting around to having number two.  When we had Bruiser, he was a lot more difficult than Turbo had been as a baby.  Now that Bruiser is bigger, we are all enjoying him.  Nick loves watching Bruiser play and explore.  Now Nick is the happy father to two growing boys.  You couldn't find a prouder dad any where.
Bruiser and his daddy

Turbo and Daddy.

On another note--Happy 36 to Nick today!


  1. A birthday and ode to Dad all in one?! I love it! Happy birthday and Father's Day, Nick! Great pictures, Vandy! You're linked!

  2. They have a funny way of coming around to parenthood!

    Happy Birthday to your hubs!

  3. Can you please email me so I can give you my address for the postcards? My email is on my profile page

  4. Happy Birthday Nick!
    My hubs took forever to get around to the marriage thing too & kids, he probably would have been ok not having them, but knew it was just something that HAD to happen if we got married. Good thing it did because man oh man let me tell you a little girl can sure change a guy! : )


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