Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday again--funny how it always follows Monday--it almost makes Monday worth getting through--but not quite. 

OK so we have the interesting purple button, let's random:
  • Have you ever met someone and the name they have totally does not fit them?  Like they are named Ann but they look more like a Melissa?  And whenever you think about that person you can never remember their name, all you can remember is the name you thought it should be?  No?  OK, moving on.
  • Bruiser can scale anything now.  I often find him on top of tables, chairs and such.  He's really proud of himself but does not have the self-preservation common sense to not stand up while on top of things like the arm of the couch.  Nick and I have had about 437 heart attacks in the last five days.
  • We are hoping Turbo learns how to ride a bike this summer(without training wheels).
  • Nick has rediscovered wind surfing.  We have a lake that is about 30 minute out of town but for the last ten years it has been more of a puddle.  This year, with the abundance of water, it is a lake again.  Nick dug out the old wind surfing gear and headed out this weekend.  He had lots of fun but also lots of sun.  Therefore, he is sporting a lovely sunburn on his legs.  At least he does not have the boot on his ankle any more.
Well that about covers the random I have for this week.  Go see Keely--she's hoping for the Apocalypse but she'll be glad to see you before that.


  1. I know what ya mean about the name thing...there a few people I have worked with in the past like that....makes ya wonder, well okay anyway....

  2. I've met a few people that I've wanted to rename because they just don't fit their given names.

    My youngest used to scale everything too. It's a wonder she made it to the teen years without a major head injury.

  3. Ah, I'm used to the scaling with LG. However, little o is crawling now. And somehow in the last 3 days has lost all fear. My son that hates to be alone in a room is now willing to crawl anywhere, and try to pull up on anything. God save him, even his older brother had some sense in that area!

  4. Nice ramdom. Hope you have a lovely day with out heart attacks!

  5. Mine hasn't grasped the concept to climb (thank goodness!) but everything he gets on he feels the need to jump off of! We also have about a million heart attacks a day!

  6. I've never really met anyone who's name didn't suit. I had named my middle son about 20times before he showed up though.

  7. My little ones, some not so little anymore, I called Xgamers. They loved the reaction they got out of me - heart attack city!!

    Oh I miss water, the lake sounds great and worth the 30 minute drive.

  8. The climbing, SERIOUSLY, what is up with it!!! I do the whole think of your own name for someone thing & then that is what you always think of when you see them. I've even called them "my" name for them before. Oops!

  9. Yeah, I've had that name thing too, and I can't ever remember their names because they just don't seem right. But on the other hand, I meet so many people whose names fit them EXACTLY.

  10. If I turn my back for a minute, Miles is on the dining room table. He's obsessed. I'm waiting for a massive head injury.


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