Friday, June 4, 2010

Spin Cycle--Technology

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Nick and I have come to each technology change kicking and screaming. 

We have seen the change from computers with 8 mb of RAM to the super fast, itty bitty things of today.  We financed our first computer and it had eight megs of RAM.  8 megs.  Now that kind of computer is such a dinosaur.  We have computers that will go with us where ever we go and have gigabytes of RAM.   It's amazing to me how much has changed.  We saw the internet start.  Nick was a journalism major his first trip through school.  He got to write for the first electronic news service the university had.  He got to use dial-up to connect to the university email service.  Look where we are now.

I do appreciate some of this improvement in technology--I get to talk to you wonderful people in blog land because of it.  I know it's good for me because I don't do IRL friend making so well.

We did not get cell phones until about three years ago (service is still hit and miss where we live).  It annoys Nick that the phones won't work where we need them too--mainly the boonies.  I finally needed one for work and we ended up with two of two of them.  I like having it for convenience sake but won't give up the land line for the cell just yet.

We finally got an HD TV last Christmas and a DVR just a couple of weeks ago.  At the forefront of technology we aren't.  We got a DVD player for Christmas about three years after DVD's became the new wave.  It has been kind of a pain replacing the video tapes of movies we had (although Nick would be happy to not have any of them).  I'm not ready to jump on the HD bandwagon just yet (and replace once again--Ugg)  I like having movies and DVD's of things we watch all the time (well really I watch lots of times).  Now that we have down graded our channel package, having the DVD's is helpful because sometimes there is nothing on TV to watch.

About the only technology we have kept up with is cameras.  We had a digital camera in 2003 when Turbo was born.  We have steadily upgraded over the years.  We have also upgraded the printing capabilities around our house.  Right now I am full on lusting after a digital SLR camera.  It will be a while until I get one but I can dream.

I also want my own netbook.  However that will have to wait too.  It can be frustrating trying to keep  up with technology and that is why Nick and I have often not kept up with the advances made.  In some cases that has saved us the trouble of upgrading. 

Anyway, go see Sprite's Keeper for more spins on technology.


  1. I have to admit, I love my netbook, but only because it works so well for me. I have it linked up to John's main desktop so I don't store anything on it. It doesn't have much memory or RAM or whatever you call it, but I only use it to write and upload photos to our main photo folder. And I use it all the time.
    I finally got John to give up on the SLR fantasy. We have an old Sony that would work just as well if he would actually learn how to use it. Maybe?
    You're linked!

  2. Technology is super! Sometimes. Love my netbook, tho! Great Spin Cycle.

  3. I used to work for an insurance company & when I first started all the programs were soooo slow. By the end of my 8 years there I remember complaining about how slow things were, even though I was only waiting split seconds for things to come up. Now since I don't work I stay home and I complain about how slow my home computer is. Grrr, I will never be satisfied huh! :)

  4. Technology is great. When it WORKS.

    I had a 386 when I went away to college and it was QUITE the newfangled equipment. I had a freenet email account and everything. Woo hoo!


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