Monday, July 2, 2018

What a Weekend!

Well, we had a very busy weekend.  It started Friday.  Turbo went and took the test to get his learner's permit.  He passed on his second try at the test. He is now an official learning driver. I'm slightly scared, and completely wanting to deny the passage of time. It can't have been that long since he was a baby in my arms.

After that triumph, we went on to do a ton of yard work.  I pulled thistles upon thistles.  Nick now calls me the Thistle Princess. I'm not a fan of thistles and our yard came with far to many of them.  Now we have a lot less of them.

Saturday it rained so we ran a lot of errands around town, groceries, bike shop, the hardware store. I did laundry, and such. It was a quiet kind of day, but still quite nice.

Sunday we started out by pulling more thistles.  I really have a war going on with them. I will win the war.  After the weed pulling we loaded up the boys and got lunch, sub sandwiches, and headed to Ayer's Natural Bridge, a rock arch that has water flowing under it, so it is a true natural bridge.  It was a lovely park and the boys got to wade and try their hands at dam building. We also stopped at a near by state park with a lake and river access.  We will be heading out there again.

Once back home, Nick took Bruiser to the rec center so Bruiser could do some proper swimming. Then after they got home, Nick and I got the wild bug to do more yard work.  We borrowed a hedge trimmer from the neighbor and attacked the wildly overgrown juniper bushes in our back yard.  We discovered about four feet of stairs, several lost dog toys and hacked back a ton of branches. We are quite proud of our efforts. So much more needs to be done, but we had to start somewhere.

Now for MMMM.  This week is patriotic songs so here you go:

Toby Keith with Made in America:

Brad Paisley with American Saturday Night:

Zac Brown Band with Chicken Fried:

Have a great week.  Ours is shaping up to be busy.


  1. These were new to me but the chicken fried tasted just right. Happy 4th.

  2. Wow, your backyard sounds like mine, but I'm overrun with wild trees. I hate those, and omg sooooooo many weeds. I started last week, but I got bit up really bad. So, I'm laying low for a while. Well, I posted the same tune for your no. 1 tune & Brad Paisley.. love him great tune and your last one I never heard before, but great choice. Thanks for the boogie & Happy fourth! Have fun, and be safe.

  3. I can always count on your for the "country" side! You sound as busy as ever. I swear time flies too fast!

    Happy 4th of July!
    Michelle aka Naila Moon

  4. Vandy,

    Kids grow up entirely too fast! Our oldest just turned 30. Talk about leaving one to scratch her head, that's me! Yard work, ugh I hate it and ours is really overgrown right now. I hope to tackle that job soon! Fabulous patriotic tunes. Have a safe & fun Independence Day!;)

  5. You are one hard working family - I was exhausted reading your post. Some good music - Toby Keith's song resonates with me (my son's job has been in danger at times from this kind of thing) but Chicken Fried was my favorite. Alana

  6. Hi Vandy,
    You have such a nice looking family! Sounds like you all had fun last weekend. Wow, the kid is driving already. Yikes, that's the beginning of a lot of sleepless nights I bet. Time goes so fast...

    I'm impressed with your fortitude against those thistles. I chuckled when I read the part about you guys started attacking the bushes and "discovered about 4 feet of stairs" -- hahaha. That's funny!

    I like all your song selections. Toby Keith's is a big patriotic hit for sure. I know Made in America well as my family is all General Motors & Chevy for the most part. UAW all the way!

    I like Brad Paisley's "American Saturday Night" -- that's a fun song. But "Chicken Fried" is my favorite. Such a good sound. And it has a really interesting backstory that I read on Wikipedia, which made me like it even more.

    Hope you had a fun 4th of July. Enjoy the rest of your week and give yourself a break on the thistles. You need some down-time Girl! :)

    Michele at Angels Bark

  7. Hi Vandy!

    I'm a bit late to the party. Okay, let me re-state that - I got to the party early, just a bit late on the mingling. Truly enjoyed your selections for this theme! Great to have you join us and look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  8. I liked all these, but the one that really "spoke to me," as it were, was "Chicken Fried." Great set!

  9. Thistle Princess...heh! I love it! :)

    NO!!!!! Turbo is driving age?! Well, I shouldn't be so shocked at the rapid passing of time, since Princess Nagger is also that age - but she's refusing to learn to I suppose I'll be able to live in denial for a wee bit longer on how fast they're growing up. ;)

    Love love LOVE all your song choices, of course! You have great taste! ;) Hope you had a phenomenal 4th of July! :)


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