Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Random Tuesday Time

Here we are trucking through another week.  Today it's Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Not sure how much random I can  find, but here goes:
  • Last day of March.  One whole quarter of 2015 is over now.  Exactly how did that happen? Really, it seems that the last couple months went terribly slowly, but still I feel like I blinked and missed most of it.
  • Turbo was quite happy telling me that he had 10 weeks of school left this year. 10 weeks.  Gah, it's going by so fast!
  • I often feel this way in the morning:
  • Turbo is this way too.  Nick and Reece are much slower to actually wake up, but once up they are pretty bright and happy about it.
  • Love, Wine and Chocolate, that's everything right?
  • And on the wine subject:
Have a good week and may it include wine, cause wine makes everything better!

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  1. Last day of March and cold here. Grrr. Life is flying by too fast. Love your memes. LOL

  2. wine cooler!! LOL

    the year has gone by soooo slowly it seems thus far. but we've had so much going on that was not good, I guess it proves the old saying time flies when you are having fun.


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