Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hi Tuesday

OK, so still not quite with the time change.  The rest of the fam got up easier today, but I really wanted to go back to sleep. Why does the time have  to change at the beginning of March--it used to be the beginning of April. Definitely not a fan.
On to the random:
  • We are going to try got the zoo next week.  It's our Spring Break and Bruiser has not been to the zoo. Here's hoping the weather will cooperate. March in our neck of the woods tends more toward winter than spring.
  • I got a smile out of this:
  • Of course if I got a maid, I'd have to clean before she came to clean my house. What would be even cooler is a house cleaning robot--one that would do dishes, laundry and clean the bathrooms. A girl can dream...
  • Then there's those people:
  •  If we had money to put in a treehouse, I use it to buy a beach house instead. Then we could visit the beach and still live close to the mountains.
Well, my random is short and sweet today.   Hope you have a great week!
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  1. That is my would you rather questions today -live in the mountains or near the beach. I like your idea: both!


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