Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break Random

We spring breaked last week.  Or is it spring broke? Either way, Spring break happened. 
The first part of the week was pretty quiet but Wednesday afternoon we headed to Denver and I let Nick go to the archery store so he could buy a new recurve bow.  The kids and I stayed at the hotel and enjoyed the upgraded suite we got and the fun of having a pool to swim in.
Thrusday dawned cloudy and rainy and chilly, so it was indoor activities.  The Aquarium and the Natural History Museum called our names:

Friday was a beautiful day so we headed to the zoo before heading home.  We caught the seal show and the elephant show.

Over all, it was a pretty great day and a wonderful Spring Break.
In random news:
  • I still don't feel caught up on my sleep from the time change.  Or maybe that's just in general not caught up on my sleep.
  • Little boy have entirely too much energy and if put in the same space for too long together will find dozens of ways to annoy each other and their parents.
  • Spring colds are the worst.  Nick has been kicking around something resembling a cold for the last few days.  Not quite sick enough to be down and out, but not well enough to be called healthy.
So how's things where you are?
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  1. Too fun! The aquarium pictures remind me that I want to go visit our local aquarium with my little guy again soon :)

  2. My aunt had two boys just a few years apart. She always said what one didn't think of the other one did.


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