Monday, March 30, 2015

Hey, Hey, Monday

Yeah, so it's Monday, again.  And here we are right back at the old grind.  It could be worse.  It could be snowing.  Today we have sunshine here.  I'll take it.
Our weekend was kind of quiet.  We hung out at home, I ascended Mt. Laundry--almost summited, but had to turn back and wait for better conditions. Or, I will be doing the towels and sheets tonight.  I got all the clothes done, folded and put away, so that counts, right?!
Anyway, we did go to the nearby State Park and go for a hike yesterday.  A good 2.5-3 miles.  Not bad for the fam. We hope to make this sort of outing a semi regular thing.
Sorry no pictures, although it was beautiful.  Kind of left all cameras/phones in the truck.

So, shall we move on to MMMM? Sure, why not?
This week is all aobut music from when you were sweet sixteen.  Here goes:
Martika with Toy Soldiers:

Billy Joel with We Didn't Start the Fire:

Alannah Myles with Black Velvet:

These were songs I listened to and enjoyed in High school. Oh to be 16 again...


  1. Black Velvet.. I love love love that song, and especially the way she sings it. I haven't heard anyone sing it as good as she can. Wow, I haven't heard Billy Joel's song in eons. Love that one too. Never heard Toy Soldiers. That one is new to me. Thanks for rockin' the oldies with us today... love the way you're rockin' em' & thanks for the dance! :) Also, I want to thank you for being a faithful follower of our musical journey. Just sayin! HUGS just thought somebody should say THANKS! Have a rockin' week! HUGS

  2. I haven't heard these in a while I like all Billy Joel stuff :-)

    Have a musictastic week ;-)

  3. Great song picks today! I opted out of Music Monday; I was too ranty.

  4. Mt. Laundry is an endless climb! ;)
    I like all of your picks but especially Billy Joel's song!

  5. Cool set of tunes. toss up between we didn't start the fire and Black Velvet.

  6. Having all the laundry folded and put away totally counts. Bedding is a bonus. ;)

    You had some awesome tunes for your sweet 16th year! :) Love them all! :)

    Always Sixteen, Sweet Sixteen – I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman just a Southern Girl!

  7. You can't always take photos at all. Just enjoy the time with family. Glad y'all had a good time.

    Oooh I LOVE LOVE LOVE toy soldier when I was a kid!
    I haven't heard it in forever!!!

    I would belt it out. I would also cry. Sigh

    Thanks for the memories.


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