Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

Ugh, so happy Monday is over.  Not that this one was so bad, but it was still a Monday. But now it's Tuesday and time to random up the place:
  • We did it.  We applied to a semi-local dog rescue shelter for a puppy.  We have been approved.  We will have our new family member the end of the month. The excitement level in our house is quite high right now.  Larry will be a nice addition (however his name will change, we are thinking Thulë pronounce Tulie).
  • Guiness will most likely adjust, but he isn't going to like us for a few days once the puppy comes home.  Piper will hate us but will get used to him.
  • Bruiser starts preschool in two weeks. We are still working on the pooping part of potty training.  I hope things will click for him soon. At least he's cleaning up after himself, mostly.
  • I found a new website that I find entertaining--Not Always Right--Stories from the customer service world.  Good stories about good people and stories about idiots and stories about jerks--all kinds of customer service.  I can relate because I spent several years in customer service.  
  • Helping our friends move this weekend made me realize something.  If we ever move, Nick's idea of a fire and starting over hold vast appeal.  Moving sucks.
  • I've slacked on the run twice now and only done a mile.  I am going to have to start running after work.  It's getting dark here in the mornings.  And colder--dipping into the mid 40s. Won't be long before the first freeze. Seasons are marching on.
  • School shopping this weekend.  Thrift stores here we come. We can usually get Old Navy pants and cool shirts for Turbo for a quarter of the cost of new.  Since Turbo isn't picky (yet) I'm going this route for as long as I can.  With any luck he will learn the fine art of thrift store shopping so he will always be able to shop on the cheap economic side of things.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. Where on earth do you live? 40 degree mornings? WOW, that's really cool! Our morning lows usually hoover around 69-71, which is too warm to suit me. However, there were a few mornings last week where I could actually feel a tiny bit of chill in the a.m. hours. Fall is coming and I can't wait for it to arrive!

  2. A puppy? How exciting!

  3. I finished my school shopping today! Not for my clothes, but for the kids, who are not kids, really, but seniors this year. They go back Aug. 26. Teachers report the 19th. Congrats on being approved for the puppy!


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