Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer is On the Way Out

Summer is winding down--calendar wise, not weather wise.  Well, I guess even weather wise. It's been cooler in the mornings and the days are definitely getting shorter, but it's still hot during the days, unless we get thunderstorms.
Any way, this is the last week before the boys head to school.  Fifth grade for Turbo and preschool for Bruiser. It's a big day for them both. Bruiser has wanted to go to school with Turbo since he could walk.  He's ready.  I'm not so sure I am--he's my baby.
We went school shopping Saturday.  Found a few good deals at the thrift stores and got Turbo outfitted for the year--provided he doesn't grow 5 inches between now and Christmas. I think I'm safe on that front, for now.
I used the newish washer and dryer this weekend.  Laundry went so much faster.  I got through four loads Saturday afternoon and evening and the rest on Sunday.  Even got the sleeping bags into the washer. They are drying right now.  The new washer has a buzzer for the end of the load that we can turn off.  The old dryer had a buzzer that we couldn't turn off. It went off three times at the end of the cycle.  Not so nice for that last load late at night. This one is much nicer.
Nick and Turbo got a head start on the fence redo by removing some sections that were in the yard dividing the front yard and back yard.  Labor Day weekend is all about fence rebuilding.
I have just about determined what I am taking clothes wise for the float trip.  It was fun putting together an 80's outfit for the theme night, which happens to be my birthday. This is going to be an adventure.  But sounds like we will have a blast.
I've been fighting a migraine since yesterday--not a really bad one just a nagging not going away one.  Makes me crabby, snappy and no fun.  Hope it vacates soon.
So how was your weekend?


  1. I have had a headache since late Saturday and I don't know what's up with it. Very annoying!

  2. With all our packing we are stirring up dust so I'm battling allergies right now. Yep, you're right No Fun.

  3. Your float trip sounds awesome and I just have to tell you. I love your normal life.. Getting the boys ready for school, doing your laundry, home improvement projects over Labor Day weekend.. All delightfully normal. We would be good neighbors. :)


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