Monday, August 5, 2013

So, Here's the Thing

We had a great weekend.  We took a couple days off last week and ran away--not too far, just to the mountains.  We had a wonderful time camping.
We had friends join us on Friday and much fun was had--even if we did try to tip the camper over.

The weekend started easy for us on Thursday.  We shopped, packed and got out of town by three. Up to the campsite and set up by 4:30. The fire ban had been lifted so we got to have a fire.

Friday we headed back to town so we could help our friend come up with her kids.  Her hubby had to be out of town for work, but she was determined to come anyway.  It was while we were setting up her pop-up camper that we neglected to set the jacks on the back.  Were merrily trying to set up the beds when the whole camper tipped on it's end while we were both at that end of the camper.. Scary, but then funny.

Kids ran around like kids are supposed to, even her 17 year old daughter was engaged and fun to be with.  She even helped cook.
We were graced with a fabulous sunset Friday night.  Being out to see things like that is why we go.

Saturday we took everyone to the lake and Turbo caught several crawdads, with help from the other kids, but Turbo was the most dedicated.  Nine crawdads ended up in the cookpot and were quite tasty.
Another fire Saturday night.  It was a bit colder, so the fire felt nice.

Sunday came too soon, but getting home early and having time to unpack, unload and all was wonderful. I even got a nap.
All in all, a wonderful weekend.  Too bad there isn't more time in summer to do more of them.  Back to school is creeping up on us far too fast.
How was your weekend?
Ours was a perfect summer camping weekend.

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  1. We love camping. We are actually leaving tomorrow night to go camping. We try to fit it in as much as possible during the summer & fall.

    Can you really cook crawdads?


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