Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Not Monday Randoms

So, Tuesday has rolled around again.  It's better than Monday, but only just.
It is also time for randomness.  So let's get to it:
  • Got fun news last week.  Stacy, of Stacy Uncorked will be moving the end of the month, and they are staying in our town on their trip west.  I get to meet her and her family.  Excited, yep, that's me!
  • I can't believe that it's August already.  It seems summer just started, how can it be almost over? 
  • I ran two miles on Monday.  Two whole miles, all at once.  Never thought I'd do that without something large and angry chasing me.  
  • I go to the dentist tomorrow.  Dread is a mild way to state how I feel about this trip.  I loath the scrapping on my teeth--but since I deposit lots and lots of tartar on my teeth scraping is inevitable.  Full body shudder.
  • You can tell it's summer.  My commenters have disappeared.  I know it will get better, but it is a bit disheartening to see so few commenting.
  • We finally did it.  We got a DVR for the upstairs TV.  We also mounted it up on the wall.  It's nice to be able to see it over little boys heads now and to be able to rewind when they talk during the most crucial moment of the show.
  • Dishes suck.
  • Wine is wonderful.
  • I got a full night's sleep last night.  In bed, with hubby not snoring.  Heaven, now can I get about a dozen more nights like that?  I might just feel caught up on my sleep.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. the dvr was such a great invention!

  2. Take lots of pictures of Stacy!!

    I hate going to the dentist, too! I usually end up bleeding a lot from the tartar, and I even use a tartar control toothpaste.

    Yay for running two miles! That is great. I am excited that I have an elevator in my school, so I guess I need to get moving, too!

  3. I am starting to fear that I may have to try to run 2 miles. I have to do SOMETHING!!!! You Lucky Duck that you are on Stacy's route!

  4. wow two miles that's awesome and tell stacy hi for me

  5. Wine is wonderful and proof that God loves us.


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