Monday, August 12, 2013

Busy, Busy

We had a pretty busy weekend.  I'm sore but I feel good about what we did.
Both Nick and I were very tired Friday night.  We didn't do much, just rested after a long week. It was nice to do nothing.We did sort of feel a bit fuddy-duddy as we were looking more toward sleeping in rather than going out.  But that's what happens to parents. I did finish the laundry Friday night.  My mom had helped to change loads during the day. So laundry conquered on a Friday night. Nope not a mom at all.
Saturday morning we went to help some friends move.  Lots of hauling boxes and standing unpacking. I was pretty sore Saturday night. We had the friends over for BBQ ribs and company.  It was a nice way to end the day.
Sunday we went and got some fence sections so we could put up a better fence at our house. These were unused sections of fence at our friends house.  So score free fence!  There is some assembly required, but the fence sections will replace the chain link we have running around our front yard. It's all cedar fencing and will look so much better. We just figured our how we are spending Labor Day weekend. We are so fun and exciting.
We also got a newish washer and dryer--that match! Our friends took their washer and dryer with them and didn't need the washer and dryer in the new house, so they gave them to us. Kind of excited about them.
As for the rest of Sunday, we were very lazy.  Nick did go shoot archery league so I took that time to run the vacuum at the dust dinosaurs in the living room and got Bruiser through a bath.
Not an exciting weekend, but busy for sure.

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