Thursday, August 15, 2013

Traveling Thursday

With Gretchen out of town and the Spin Cycle on break, I thought, since this is the season of travel, I'd do up a post on how I travel:

How old were you when you first traveled? The first trip I really remember is when I was 4.  My aunt came and got me and we flew to Florida and spent time visiting Busch Gardens, and then up to Georgia to the Space Museum, I think. I remember flying and riding an elephant very vividly.

What is your favorite form of traveling: car, bus, train, or plane?
Depends on where I'm going.  A car trip can be fun--if you don't have a rigid schedule to keep.  Flying is good for far away places, trains are low stress.  I like to travel--but maybe not by bus.

Where did you go on your first road trip?
The first raod trip I took with Nick, when I was 21, was to Omaha to see some friends. That road trip was about 7-8 hours.  Before that we had driven home to see my family, but that hardly counts as a road trip, even if the drive home was 4+ hours.

 Where did you go on your first bus ride?
The only time I have evertraveled on a bus (that wasn't a school bus) was when I was seven and we ere taking the train to Wyoming from California and there was a derailment ahead of us on the tracks and they had to bus us around it.

 Where did you go on your first train ride?
We went from California to Wyoming for Thanksgiving. I got to see really deep snow that trip.

Where did you go on your first plane ride?
At 4, with my aunt from California to Florida.

Motion sickness? Treatment of choice?
I am blessed. I don't get motion sick.  I can even read in the car with no trouble.

Where would you like to go that you haven't been?
So many places. So little time and money. My top three places:
Not wildly adventurous, but the geology would be fantastic.
Where would you like to go back to?
Disney World.  Clearwater Beach Florida.

Traveling alone or with someone?
Traveling with my sweetheart of course. He wonderful for taking care of the logistics.

Your ultimate travelling dream?
We would love to take the train from Denver to San Francisco. We also want to visit all the national parks west of the Mississippi. 

How do you travel, do you like to travel?

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  1. We took a train recently to New Orleans. It was nice. We flew home, though, because it was much faster. My first flight was when I was in 11th grade, believe it or not. Texas to California.


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