Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

We have snow here. I am amazed as always what a layer of snow can do for the landscape. It hides all manner of problems and ugliness. It also brings out the kid in my husband and me. There is something about the fresh expanse of snow that just begs for tracks. This year we have had lots of snow already and I must admit if it's going to be cold I prefer the snow to the dead brown grass and leafless trees.

Turbo can be out for hours in it without complaint. He loves snow angels and making snowmen. He also just loves to lay in the snow and he makes up games that are comprehensible only to him. By February I expect that Bruiser will be walking and be able to be out in the snow. It is always fun to show little kids about the snow.

When Turbo was about eighteen months old I taught him to do the snow dance. It was just a few made up movements that we would have him do before a storm was coming. the most magical moments were when it would snow over night and we woke up to white stuff on the ground. His happy face and "My snow dance worked!" made any amount of snow fun. He is now looking forward to teaching Bruiser the Dance and carrying on the tradition.


  1. Oh, snow. We ususally don't see any until January. Enjoy it!

  2. i only want snow on christmas day then it can go away and warm up again

    but that never works


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