Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Tuesday--Thanks again

Well here is my second go at Keely's random Tuesday fun.

Is it just me or are the stores getting a bit ridiculous for Black Friday. Kohl's will be opening at 4:00am. Who needs to shop at 4:00am. I feel for the sales associates who have to be there by 3:30am to get the store up and running for this madness. I know how that day goes, I worked at J. C. Penney's for two years and the Black Friday craziness was no picnic. And that was 13 years ago. I am thankful the retail phase of my life is over.

Moving on, I'm thankful for afternoon naps. Bruiser still thinks being up in the middle of the night is great fun. Well since he cries until picked up maybe it's not all fun for him. But once picked up its party time. Mom and Dad are not so much on that boat. I'm thankful they are only little for a while, but also regret that some of it goes by so fast.

I'm thankful for spontaneous hugs from Turbo. They make my day. He spends his time hovering on the cool boy side of things but every now and then the little boy gains the upper hand. He's so big now. Six and a half going on sixteen.

Also thankful for the times I get to watch Turbo and Bruiser interact. Turbo tries really hard to play with Bruiser and last night they played next to each other on the kitchen floor while I cooked and it was one of those moments when everything was going right--no yelling was needed, no warnings, no cautions to be careful. It was a great look at the times to come as they both grow.

In other randomness I am getting ready for the Christmas movie season. I have been resisting since the beginning of November. I think the programmers want us to think Christmas as soon as the last trick-or-treater is out the door. I know the retailers do. I have been strong and resisted the lure of The Grinch and all the movies they put on Hallmark and ABC Family. After Thanksgiving I will be ready--maybe.

Anyway go check out the randomness that Keely heads up, you won't be sorry--maybe even a little bit thankful.

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  1. Worse than the stores opening at insane hours on Friday are the ones open on Thanksgiving. No kidding. And I'm not talking about the market. In our area, Walmart, KMart, the Gap. It's shameful. Retail workers used to get two days off a year, and now they'll get none, basically. I'd like to stand out front with a sign that says, "Because you will shop on Thanksgiving, someone has to give up their turkey dinner..."


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