Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Here I am again.

Well, I'm not doing so well on this blogging thing. I think I am a serial lurker. I really enjoy reading the blogs posted by other people but am having a hard time thinking that any one would want to read about my family and me. Anyway here goes.

Nick is going to be defending his masters thesis next week. Can we say nervous wreck. He is getting a bit more freaked each day as it gets closer. I hope all goes well for him. And I hope we survive the stress in the house until he is done.

Turbo lost a tooth on Friday which necessitated a Tooth Fairy visit and wouldn't you know the tooth fairy almost forgot to come. Thank goodness Bruiser is still getting up to eat at 4:00am cause that's when the Tooth Fairy remembered that an exchange must happen. Amazing how much the Tooth Fairy looks like Nick.

Bruiser is not only crawling but also pulling up to stand now. He started this on Friday morning. Now he Can do it almost anywhere. And he's fast. He looks like the windup crawling babies but boy can he cover the ground. He is so proud of himself when he gets around. He has also discovered the joys of splashing in the dog water dish. Fun for all.

And then there's me. the only girl in sight around our house, just trying raise boys the one day will make me proud. I think I'm doing OK so far.

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  1. Ooh, am I the first commenter?
    Well, HAI! Welcome to the blogosphere!
    I hope the thesis defense goes well (for ALL your sakes), but for some reason, I keep picturing a courtroom where the thesis is regularly beat against the podium while he proves his point. "Not guilty!"
    Keep writing and commenting! People will notice and come back to say hi!


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