Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Yeah, so lets get random in here:
  • I love spring in Wyoming.  It's the shortest season going.
  • We have snow on the ground again. And more falling from the sky.  Spring keeps on teasing us then letting winter back.
  • Truly, Mother Nature needs to stop with the mood swings.
  • But hey, the weather man says by this weekend we should reach 70.  I'm planning on detailing the vehicles and doing laundry.  High goals, but the laundry isn't self cleaning or folding so it has to be done. Then I can bask in the fact that it's all done for like a total of 20 seconds.  
  • As for the vehicle detailing, I kind of enjoy that.  They car and the truck look so good when I'm done and they are all ready for summer road trips. We hope to be doing plenty of road trips this summer.
And that about does it for random this week.
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. I hear you on bipolar weather, it's like that here in KY too!!!

  2. Everyone here has been complaining about the weather, but it seems like yours is much worse! We've had some cold days, but thankfully, no snow lately. Hope you get your nice weather this weekend. :)


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