Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Dancing

Yeah, so we had a pretty good weekend.  It was beautiful here on Saturday.  I detailed both vehicles and they look so nice on the inside now.  It's always wonderful to get in a clean car.
The only down side is I jacked up my right shoulder sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  I'm not sure if I slept wrong or if I did something while cleaning the cars out, but it sure hurts now. So there is a chiropractor in my future. Hopefully that will make it all better.

Nick made sure to take advantage of the sunshine and took the kayaks out for a paddle with Turbo:

They had a good time and were done before the dreaded wind picked up. All in all a great way to kick off the almost summer season.
Yes, almost summer vacation here.  The boys have one week of school left and then next week an extra half day to make up for the snow day/no electricity day. We are probably going to call the boys in sick so we don't have to send them that day.  Even the teachers are none too happy to lose a half day of clean up in the classrooms. But after that, summer vacation. Not that it looks all that summery out.  Sure doesn't feel all that summery out there.

Any how, on to the MMMM.  50s and 60s stuff today:
The Big Bopper with Chantilly Lace:

Chuck Berry with Johnny B. Goode:
Little Eve with Locomotion:

Love this era.  Was some of the first rock I listened to as it was the music of my mother's youth.  Hearing it makes me feel a bit nostalgic and makes me miss my mom just a bit more.


  1. Thanks for sharing and wonderful songs.

  2. Loving your picks! I was thinking Johnny B Goode but decided on something else. Glad you posted it so I could rock with it.

    Carry on!

  3. You definitely have some wonderful tunes here. Loco Motion was always my favorite. YOU'VE ROCKED THE HOUSE.


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