Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Thinking and MMMM

So after a fairly quiet weekend, here I am back a the grind. Well, it not much of a grind, but I really would rather be home on this rainy Monday curled up on my couch with a cup of warm tea and a good book.
Turbo has read four books in a series and he is eagerly awaiting the fifth book.  Such a turn around for my reading phobic boy.  I guess it really is all about finding the right story to grab someone and get them reading.  He even stayed up late reading this weekend. Sigh, makes my reading heart feel so good.
We had a wonderful Saturday evening cook out with friends--burgers on the grill, so good.  We even had sunshine for the day.  Remarkable considering that it was university graduation and for the last few years we have had snow.
It was mostly a lazy weekend for us.  I did get Turbo's clothes sorted and all the too small stuff put away for his brother to grow into. Spring cleaning is happening in fits and starts. If the weather cooperates next weekend it will be laundry and car detailing. Got to get the vehicles ready for summer road trips.

And now for MMMM:  Freebie week so lets see what hit our fancy:
Zac Brown Band with Castaway:

Brad Paisley with Demi Lovato with Without a Fight:

 Keith Urban with Wasted Time:

Have a good week all!


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  1. I like the first one. It makes me think of a nice vacation that I need!


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