Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Random Tuesday Time

Yep, it's Tuesday.  Time for some randoms:
  • OK, so yesterday was truly a Monday. The weather decided to be more like winter, no snow, but chilly and cloudy. Nick caught a cold and felt all miserable. 
  • However, I did get my laundry folded.  Win for me.  It's even mostly put away. OK, so I have towels to wash, but they don't really count.  All the clothes are folded.  Go me!
  • I love Bruiser, but he is forgetful.  And a picky eater.  Making a sack lunch for him is challenging.  I have to paln ahead. So it's not a good thing when I get a call from him about needing a lunch and he's already at school.  I hope he eats the Lunchable, grapes, and Cheetos I got him from Loaf & Jug.  Yep, today I was that mom.  The one who feeds her kid with premade (processed) food.  He just so picky.  Won't eat sandwiches, which takes out a whole huge part of the sack lunch equation.  Picks at most foods unless hot.  Could live on chicken fingers and nuggets exclusively. Love him to death, but feeding him is not fun.
  • Tomorrow is Turbo's birthday.  He turns 13. We will officially have a teenager. His voice has been cracking, he has had minor acne, he's nearly as tall as me, his feet are almost as big as Nick's, yep, he's totally turning teenager on us.  The only thing he hasn't really started yet, is eating us out of house and home. Not quite sure I'm ready to feed a teenage boy.
Have a great week all!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.

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