Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Random Meanderings

Things have been pretty quiet around here.  The weather has been swinging toward winter rather than spring.  Oh, Mother Nature has been teasing us with the occasional nice day then lets winter out to play again.  We got 4-5 inches of snow this weekend. Fun times, fun times.
Now on to the random:
  • For the first time in months, I have all the laundry done at the same time.  It's even 99% put away.  I have a basket of sheets, folded, that need to go in the window seat in Bruiser's room, but everything else is folded and put away. I'm going to bask in this for the 5 minutes it lasts.
  • Bruiser caught a stomach bug yesterday.  He really wasn't thrilled with it.  Poor kid couldn't keep anything down until after lunch.  He got rather good at dashing to the toilet though. He's much better today. He has to feel better, he doesn't want to miss the field trip this week at school.  It's a big one out of town and everything.
  • We should have fairly decent weather this weekend--for Saturday at least.  We will be getting our BBQ on.  Or at least the grill will be going and we will be hanging outside with friends.
  • Our town will suddenly become a peaceful, quiet little town this weekend.  It's finals week and then graduation at the university and that means all the students will be gone until fall. Parking will be awesome, far fewer crowds at the grocery store, and going out to have a drink will be easier too. Love our town in the summer.
  • The insomnia fairy keeps on visiting.  I think she has totally over stayed her allotted visiting time.  She just won't leave though.  Sleep will come back eventually, right?
  • We upgraded phones and changed carriers.  Turbo also has a smarty phone now.  He is totally entranced with it.  Happy early birthday kiddo. 
Have a great week and link up your own random thoughts!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.

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