Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey, Hey, Monday!

We just had the most lazy weekend ever.  I accomplished next to nothing.  The weather helped as it snowed all day Saturday. So we didn't really do anything at all.
The grass is green and the tulips are trying to grow.  It keeps up the snow thing and we may not get all that many flowers.
This made me laugh:
Wyoming’s Groundhog was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after predicting an early spring... lying little bastard!
And this is truly our feelings right about now:
Yeah, really ready for our blink you miss it spring and then straight on to summer...

ANd now for MMMM.  It's a freebie week so here goes:
Jason Aldean with Lights Come On:

Dirks Bentley with What the Hell Did I Say:
Eric Church with Record Year:

Have a good week all!


  1. Feelin' a little country today are we? hehehe~ Thanks for the introduction to your tunes. I've never heard them before. YOU'RE ROCKIN' THE HOUSE TODAY MY FRIEND!!! Have a fun week!

  2. I love how you put that about blink and you miss it Spring straight to summer.
    That is how it is here ;)

    Thanks for the tunes.

    Hope you get to go camping soon.


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