Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Stuff

Yeah, yeah, it's Tuesday.  This one is masquerading as a Monday since we got a holiday yesterday. I really can't complain, I needed the extra day to get the laundry done. Hey, it was a busy Saturday.
Now for the random:
  • Took Turbo thrift store shopping Saturday.  He's hovering at the awkward stage between boy's extra large and man's small sizes.  I did learn that he believes stripes to be the devil and refuses to wear anything striped.  Learn something new every day, I guess.
  • Saturday afternoon we went and had lasagna with friends and watched a bit of football. Not huge fans of Football, but we always get a bit interested come Superbowl time.  Even if the snacks and commercials hold more appeal for me.
  • So tempting:
  •  Sunday was spent doing laundry and being mildly lazy.  I did get a pork roast made.  GOt lots of kudos from the kiddos--they like pork in any form.
  • Monday I folded clothes and fought a mild stomach thing. Totally put me off eating.  So much fun.
  • And finally a Winter poem for everyone:
Have a great week everyone!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. My kids have weird things like that. They don't like to layer at all and hate collared shirts. I just don't get it! Happy Tuesday.

  2. While I've learned to appreciate football in recent years, I must say the biggest attraction for me with the Superbowl is definitely the snacks! Must start planning the party... ;)

  3. Ha, ha! Love the winter poem...and it certainly is right now! :)

  4. HA -I feel your winter poem!! Minus 20 here.

    My eldest is in that halfway stage too between boys and mens. Nothing seems to fit quite right. but OMG the trying on of clothes with a teen boy would try the patience of the saints. And I normally like shopping, but did this child find a way to ruin it. And he wanted plaid - but no stripes too. What's wrong with stripes?!


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