Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Randoms

Well it's time for the first randoms of 2016.  Can't say today is doing much for me, migraines suck. On with the randoms:
  • Bruiser has four missing teeth.  He lost the most recent one December 30.  Poor kid whistles when ever he talks now.  He does look sort of cute all toothless again.
  • Naps are good things:
  •  We got Bruiser's room finished up over the break.  NOw we jsut need to go through all the boxes of stuff we took out to work on the room.  He really doesn't need all of it back.  We did get rid of some stuff, but the rest we will have to manage with his input on what he wants to keep. Not an easy project.
  • I have really been slacking on the house work stuff.  I wish it wasn't so never ending.
  • Or that the fairies would come do it for me.  However, it seems they don't want to do it either.
  • Maybe I need more motivation.  Nope, motivation is wasted on house cleaning. I suppose we could just have friends over.  That usually gets us to clean...
On that cheery note, have a good week all!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. I'm keeping that graphic about naps. That's about the funniest thing I've seen today!

  2. I slept in today, that's almost as good as a nap. Naps scare me because I wake up and I have no idea how much time has passed: 10 minutes? An hour? 2 years? LOL
    And I did basically no housework over the holidays aside from cleaning the kitchen before and after meals. With the 3 kids home, there's not point beyond the bare minimum. It's like shoveling during a blizzard. Useless.


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