Monday, January 25, 2016

Rocking Monday

One more week of January left.  Where exactly has this month gone?  Really, this year, this month has flashed passed.  It's hard to believe that Bruiser turns 7 on Friday.  7! I need to stop blinking, things keep blasting forward every time I do.
This weekend was pretty quiet around the old place.  Nick went ice fishing with some friends.  I hung out with the kiddos.  Nick let the kids play with his remote control cars on the icy streets--made for some awesome cookies in the slushy ice.
Then we watched the Bronco/Patriot game.  Mostly we wanted to see the Patriots lose.  Not wildly excited that the Broncos won, but quite pleased that the Patriots lost. We will just have to see what the Superbowl brings.  The food should be good anyway.
All in all a good weekend.  However, last night my insomnia reared it's ugly head and I really could use some more sleep. So not ready for Monday morning.
But maybe the MMMM will perk things up.  This week it's 80s rock and roll!

Def Leppard with Pour Some Sugar on Me:

Poison with Nothing but a Good Time:

And on of my favorites from high school, Alice Cooper with Poison:

Yeah, I was a bit of a rock and roll fan in high school then grunge came and killed rock for the 90s.
It is hard to hear this music described as classics now...


  1. Oh yeah, you're certainly rocking the house today!!! Love the first tune. I use to put the radio up when that came on in the car. Thanks for joining us and have a rockin' week!

  2. Yes! I love that Alice song, even if it was his more mainstream stuff. Still good!

  3. You have a funny way of watching football.
    I watch so my husband will talk to me about something.
    Thanks for rocking with us!

  4. Right there with you on not being a fan of the Broncos, but very happy the Patriots lost. :)

    Great choices, Vandy! Can never go wrong with the 80's. :)

    We Will Rock You Sweet Child O’ Mine with Bohemian Rhapsody so Jump because You Give Love A Bad Name


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