Monday, August 3, 2015

Bact to Monday

Yep, here we are at another Monday.  Our weekend was quiet.  I got the majority f the laundry done.  Nick took Turbo to Hunter's Safety class.  Bruiser lazed around and enjoyed having no demands on his time.
Hunter's Safety class is a requirement to hunt here in Wyoming.  Both Nick and I did it as kids and this summer, as Turbo is old enough to hunt, it was time for him to take it.  What helped was that Nick had an old friend who had a son who was also old enough to take the class.  Turbo passed the test with flying colors and is all set.
It was a hot, lazy weekend here, but sometimes you need those kind of weekends.  Helps with heading back to the grind.

ANd now for MMMM
The theme this week is Funny Songs and Songs about Work.  Here goes:
Lonestar with Mr. Mom:

Toby Keith with Drinks After Work:

Alabama with 40 Hour Week:

A couple classics, enjoy!

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