Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spin Cycle--Love/Hate

So this week on the Spin Cycle it all about Love/Hate.  Do you love something everyone else hates?  Do you hate something everyone else loves?  I can think of several things I love, but most other people love them too.  I do have a few things I hate that other people love.
Onions.  Especially raw onions.  I really don't like the texture, taste, smell or anything about raw onions. I can handle cutting them up to add to recipes, but not a fan of adding the raw version to my salads. 
Nick loves them.  He would add them to any and all sandwiches if he could. He loves them in salads, and would add them to other dishes raw if he could.
I think the fact that I don't like onions came to a head when I was pregnant.  As all mother's know, your sense of smell ramps up when you are pregnant. I could smell things that I never had before.  This was not always a good thing.
Nick was helping some friends with some remodeling and they made him lunch--pork tenderloin sandwiches with slices of raw onions and mustard.  Nick loved them.  Then he came home.  Where I smelled the raw onion on his breath for three days after that. Ugg, it was awful.
I'm not sure of my boys like or dislike raw onions.  Since I don't eat them, they are not often on the menu. They will get to try that particular vegetable on their own.


  1. Mmm...I'm an onion fan. Raw or cooked, I like 'em all. My mom isn't a fan of them raw, but I think that's more for indigestion reasons lol. I can't think of anything I love that everyone else hates, or vice versa... well, I love Jimmy Fallon and no one else that I know "gets it", but they don't hate him. haha! I'll have to think about this one!!

  2. I know a few people who can't stand onions, but I love them! Their smell is pretty strong, though, so I can definitely relate to your pregnancy story. Foods that normally wouldn't bother me were awful during pregnancy!

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  4. I didn't like onions as a kid but I sure like them now, but they must be cooked. I can't stomache raw onions.

  5. I'll eat onions, but not a lot. If I know a place goes crazy on the onions, I might tell them to skip them all together.

  6. I only like onions that are cooked to the point they look like dead worms. Lifeless, dull and gray. Now my father in law could eat them raw. Yuck!


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