Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Random Time

Tuesday.  Just a buffer between Monday and the downhill slide of the week. 

Not tons going on here. Let's see what random stuff we can come up with:
  • Oh, we did make an investment in our recreation fun.  We got another four wheeler.  And a trailer to haul them both on.  We went for a bumble down some dirt roads last Thursday and had a ball.  We even got to see a bull moose less than 50 yards away from us.

  • So yeah, we did that and plan to do more four wheeling this coming weekend.  
  • Nick and my anniversary is this weekend.  17 years.  Where exactly has the time gone? We have figured out what we want to do for our 20th anniversary. We want to take the train from Denver to California.  Crossing the Colorado Rockies and the Sierra Nevadas by train sounds wonderful, especially if we can get a sleeper compartment.
  • Mobile party?

  •  And for those who haven't thought since school ggot out:  Work this one out:
Have a wonderful week!

Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.

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  1. WooHoo! New toy! Sounds like you guys had fun - and how cool you got to see that moose so close?! :)

    Happy (early) Anniversary! I love the idea/plans you have for your 20th - I think it'd be really cool to take a train trip like that, especially if you get a sleeper car. That's something I've wanted to do...wonder if I can talk the hubby into something like that? :)

    Mmmmmmm! Wine and Pie! :)

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