Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday, Monday

Sigh, I'm not sure I'm ready to face the week.  Not that the weekend wasn't relaxing, but we are dealing with some less than stellar news with my mother.  Health issues.  Never a good time, and quite stressing.
So other than that we had a quiet weekend.  We didn't do a whole lot.  Laundry was accomplished, and I kept up with the dishes.  We smoked some fresh fish our neighbor caught and gave us. It turned out absolutely fantastic.
We are trying to get back in the routine of things.  It's a slow process, but having the kids back in school will help.  I really need to get better at the meal planning. I'm sort of looking forward to having it cool off outside so I can use the oven again, without heating the house up even more.

Now on to a freebie week with MMMM:
Austin Webb with All Country on You:

For something a bit different:
Walk the Moon with Shut up and Dance:

And lastly:
Chris Janson with Buy Me a Boat:
Have a good week!


  1. Nice selections all new to me this week :-)

    Have a tanfastic week :-)

  2. Totally different tunes! Don't think I've ever heard them, but you're definitely rockin' the house. Thanks for jammin' with us once again! Have a rockin' week!

  3. That last song my son loves and plays it all the time!
    I liked the other two. Hope all gets straightened out with your Mom.

  4. Hope your mom's ok. And we love Shut Up and Dance in my house!


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