Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Truly Random

So Tuesday, we meet again.  Shouldn't surprise me, we meet every week about this time.  Now let's random:

  • The kids have like two weeks until school stars here. Where exactly has the summer gone? I feel like we blinked back in June and there went the summer. 
  • At least we still have our trip next week. Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, here we come. Cause, the kids have to be dragged to the outdoors to look at natural wonders and large animals at least once. Especially since Yellowstone and Teton National parks are in our state. After this we have to go a bit farther to get to a national park.  Utah and Arizona are on our radar.
  • Yeah, common sense is not so common any more:
  •  Nothing gets you moving quite like this:
  • I ahve seen several parking jobs where this applies:

  • I have yet to truly back to school shop.  I will be getting the school supplies that are necessary to send a first grader to school this weekend as well as getting the 7th grader his notebooks, binders, folders and pencils.  As for clothes, I plan on a thrift store run after school starts.  I so lucky to have boys who don't really care how they look. Jenas and tshirts with cool sayings and they are set.
Enjoy what is left of summer!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. Summers always seem to fly by, but this one has gone especially fast... kind of can't believe that people are already talking back to school! eek!
    Hope you guys have a terrific trip next week. Sounds like it's going to be a blast!!

  2. I haven't done school shopping either. They get a supply list at orientation, which happens to be Friday, then they start on Monday. This weekend!

  3. I finished the school supply shopping today, based on the basic list for both kids and their respective classes (2nd grade and 7th grade). But I'm gonna bet there will be 'individualized' lists after school starts in four weeks - and of course all the school supplies that are on sale will be gone, replaced with Christmas. ;) School clothes shopping will wait until a week or two before school starts.

    One of these days we're going to have to take the kids to Yellowstone - we've driven past there twice, but haven't stopped in! :)

    Common Sense seems to be a rarity anymore... while people who park like morons seems to have increased exponentially. ;)

    Blank Brain, Back-to-School Shopping, and some funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  4. My kids start school on the 18th. Which is the same day my son turns 16 years old. Yeah, he's not too happy about that.
    Hope you have a great vacation. I'd love to visit Yellowstone someday.
    You're right, summer came and went in a blink of an eye.


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