Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spin Cycle--You're Graduating

The Spin Cycle this week is commencement speeches.  This one is a bit hard for me.  I don't give speeches.  I avoid public speaking at all costs.  So coming up with a speech I'd give to a bunch of graduates is not so easy.  So let's see if I can spin this.
10 things I wish I had been told when I graduated:
  1. Landry costs money.  Begging for rolls of quarters from your folks will be standard. You also have to do laundry.  Mom didn't come with you (at least she shouldn't have). Have a good laundry bag or basket.  You will be hauling laundry home at every opportunity.
  2. Pizza is fine, so are burgers, but try to have veggies once in a while.  Home cooked food will be golden after cafeteria food.
  3. Studying is necessary.  No more skating by without cracking the book. Talk up in class, answer questions, participate in discussions.  It's a fantastic boost to the grade, which the professor can administer at his will.
  4. Go to class.  Yes, college is easier to skip.  But you are paying for it, so go.  Just be smart in the time of the classes you choose.  No one says you have to have 8 am classes.
  5. For college graduation: you will miss being in class after about three months.  Work is fine, but rarely has homework.  Get a hobby.  Fit puzzles, read books, hang out with friends, otherwise those empty evenings will start to make more school seem appealing.
  6. Enjoy life--not just school.  Join in activities, make friends, do sports clubs.  Keep the class load manageable, so you can have a life.
  7. Have a job, even if it's just working some where on campus (actually these are the best jobs--vacations off, no trouble). Money is nice and you really can't ask for continual handouts from the folks (with the exception of the quarters.  Those are necessary, see number 1.)
  8. It's OK to miss your family, pets, and home. 
  9. It's OK to not declare a major right away.  Try a few different classes (maybe not underwater basket weaving) and see if something new appeals to you.  Take classes in what you think you want to do.  You may find you hate it.  Being undeclared is a good place to be so you get basic out of the way and maybe, don't waste time in something you find you can't stand.
  10. Most of all, make the most of your time. Have balance, appreciate the opportunity you have. Life is a roller coaster and the ride only gets crazier and faster from here on out.
Yeah, a speech like that I might have listened to.  As it is I have no recollection of any of the three commencement speeches I have sat through that were directed at me.

For other spins on graduation speeches, go see Gretchen.
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  1. I so wish I had gone on to college! It's an experience I really missed out on.

  2. I love it! Common sense pieces of knowledge are priceless, and I would have really listened to this one.

  3. I love these because they're all SO PRACTICAL! I wish somebody had told me I didn't have to take 8 am classes. And to eat something other than Doritos and Diet coke.

    You are linked!


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