Friday, October 29, 2010

Spin Cycle--Halloween Hits.

Halloween has had many incarnations at our house.  In college, Nick and I dressed up a couple of times to go to work at the cafeteria.  I dressed in overalls, had braids and painted freckles on my face for the country bumpkin look.
We didn't do much for Halloween for several years after college--except carve pumpkins and hand out candy.  One year I had a friend who invited me to an 80's theme party for Halloween.  Don't I just look too 80's?  For sure!

  Then Nick went back to school and the Geology club had Halloween parties.  What would we dress up as last minute?  The dogs of course!  I went as our brown dog--complete with pony tail 'ears' and the collar taken from the dog's neck.  Nick went as our black and white dog complete with black sock ears attached to his hat and the dog's collar--worked for us.  Sorry, no pics from that party.
Then we had Turbo, and trick or treating became necessary--but thankfully we didn't really have to dress up too.
Turbo in the Pumpkin--He is not impressed
Turbo as a five month old clown--he did better with this than the pumpkin.
Until Turbo went to kindergarten and got invited to a birthday/Halloween party where the parents are welcome to dress up too.  Now we have get to come up with costumes.
Five year old Turbo as vampire (Daddy as bum).
Last year we went as the huntsman for Nick and a medieval lady for me.  And again no pics of us but I think I can find some of Turbo.  Turbo was a skeleton.  Bruiser was a baby--terribly creative but hey he was crawling and not about to wear an actual costume.
Six year old Turbo--Skeleton
Why, yes we did make both of our babies stand in the pumpkin for Halloween, why do you ask?
This year I'm going as a sort of fortune teller/gypsy and Nick is sticking to his huntsman outfit.  Turbo will be a viking--a la Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon--but he has lamented his haircut since he has very short hair now.  Bruiser will be a duck--cause that's what I have that fits him.

Here, ducky ducky...

Ahhh--the viking is coming!
 Happy Halloween everyone!

small cycle

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  1. That viking costume is AWESOME! And I liked your country bumpkin! So cute!

  2. I agree with Kendra, LOVE the viking costume! I have a picture from when I was sixteen, dressed up like a gypsy for Halloween at school. I actually looked the part. I wish I still looked like THAT. :-)
    You're linked!

  3. Thank you so much for the great pumpkin advice! You are the Halloween Queen!

    (that is totally a good thing)

  4. I must say that Bruiser is the cutest little duck I've ever seen!

  5. FUn pictures! I love seeing costumes that people come up with.

  6. Very very very cute duck. Why can't they always wear costumes like that instead of the scary, gorey things they are drawn to as they get older????

  7. Those are great costumes! I especially like the Viking and the duck. They are so cute!


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