Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday


Well Tuesday, we meet again.  In fact, we meet every week about this time.  You'd think it wouldn't surprise me any more, but it always does.  Anyway, throw out all your random thoughts, toss them in a post and go link up with Keely.  She's got this random thing going on.

  • I processed beets last night.  I baked them and then skinned them and they are waiting in the fridge for dinner tonight.  By the time I was done the sink looked like a small massacre had happened.  Beets are fun.
  • Bruiser has a slight cold, or maybe he's working on more teeth, whichever, the kid was up all night Sunday night.  And I had no back up.  I was seriously dragging butt yesterday.  
  • Nick comes home today!!
  • They did not get as many elk as they were hoping, but he is bringing some meat home.
  • We watched How to Train Your Dragon about four times this weekend.  It's pretty good.  Turbo loves it and now wants to be a viking for Halloween.  This could be interesting.  Anyone know how the make a viking helmet--the costumes they have in the store are awful.  I'm seeing a trip to the store for fake fur and just making a helmet out of paper mache--maybe.
  • There is an owl that lives on the campus where I work and this morning a grow of crows were hassling it to move from where it had perched on a building.  They succeeded, but the owl did not go very far--just to a large pine tree near by.  The whole thing was pretty neat to see--if a bit noisy.  Crows are loud.
  • We put out our Halloween decorations--mostly window clings and pictures.  I have lights but was not that motivated--maybe with Nick home.  Hard to think Halloween is less than two week away.  But the week after that is my favorite time of year--daylight savings ends!
Go out and be random.  It's good for the soul, if not the brain.


  1. Beets are fun - and do look like a small massacre happens when you process them. ;)

    Princess Nagger LOVES How to Train Your Dragon - I'm surprised she didn't want to dress up as one of them for Halloween, but she does ask me to pick up the various toys to play with. Try using craft foam for the helmet - you can 'shape' it by heating it up and molding it, then painting it with metallic paint. I was starting that process for the Princess Zelda costume's armor shoulder pieces and crown (of course now she's not going as PZ this year...next year instead). Works like a charm! :)

    You're ahead of me - I haven't put any of my decorations up yet. I better get busy! Yay for daylight savings time coming to an end!

    RTT: Costume Decision, Ship's Bell and HDTV

  2. I was just asking the Hubster if he'd be up for some beets with dinner one of these nights. Kismet? I think so! Can't wait to play executioner in the kitchen sink.

  3. You processed beets??? Wow. That's all i can say. You amaze me.

  4. CAn you take a bike helmet and make a viking helmet out of that somehow?

  5. beets! That takes dedication! I've thought of making a stain with the paint but never got any farther than the thought.

    Also, noticed you said "grow of crows", maybe you meant group of crows but the collective noun is murder of crows. I always thought that was a really cool description.

  6. We watched "How to Train Your Dragon" this past weekend too! (although only once) I think I enjoyed it as much as the boys did!

  7. Now I want to learn how to process beats! I always love a good massacre.

    I love it when daylight savings time ends too.

    Have a great Wednesday!


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